Training Methods: On And Off Site

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No matter the size of an organization, training will always be a factor in the success of that organization. The amount of emphasis placed on training will determine the success or failure of an organization. It is up to the Human Resource Department to assess employee deficiencies and determine training needs. Once these training needs have been identified then HR can better determine training goals. This is where the training and development program comes into play.
The purpose of training and development is to ensure the organization will have trained replacements in case of turnovers. Training and development build teams and increase the company’s competitive edge. An effective training and development program will increase productivity and boost employee performance. Once training programs are implemented, employees feel as if they are a valuable member of the team; which gives them greater sense of satisfaction. “Continuous Investment in training and development is essential for improving the performance of the Federal Workforce and enhancing the services provided by the Federal Government. Training and Development is essential in attracting and retaining a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.”
When HR specialists develop a training program they must decide, along with managers, and top leaders, on the goals of the organization. Training objectives are defined and a target audience is identified. Once the “what” and “who” are identified then the “how” is determined. The training methods used to best reach the target audience is important because not everyone learns the same. Knowing what method of training best fits a specific audience will help to speed up the learning process and reduce training costs.
Identifying training needs includes analyzing the organization, specific jobs, and individual needs. Analyzing the organization gives an idea of where training is most needed. Questions to ask are “have current training objectives been reach?” if not “in what areas have training objectives fallen short?”, “can we make the financial commitment it will take”, and “which employees need to be trained?”
Once training needs have been identified, then managers should consider the financial commitment iT would take to get employees up to speed in order to reach the organization’s goals. If the organization cannot make a financial commitment then the training program is not going to work. Finding out the most critical areas that are falling short can be done by internal audits. Audits will point out those critical areas that will benefit most from training.
The critical areas of training have been identified now the training program is developed. The training program is based on employee job tasks and skill levels. Detailed job descriptions will ensure the training program is tailored to specific training needs.
One approach to training is on-site training. There are numerous benefits...

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