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• Details about the young person, including energy needs, protein needs and carbohydrate needs.
It is important for anyone of any age to be eating the right foods; but it is even more important for a young person. This is because they are growing and their bodies are still developing; sometimes even up to the age of 25!

Each individual has different energy requirements; these depend on a number of things, such as - age, gender, height and weight. These requirements can be calculated by using a chart which is designed to work on an individuality basis.

Here is an example of how this kind of chart would work: The chart I will be using is calculated using weight and PAL (physical activity levels). This is because; while under a training programme, my client will be undertaking regular exercise and will therefore need to replace that energy. My one particular client is female and in the weight bracket of 40-50 Kg. The level of physical activity she will be taking part in is – ‘Daily moderate activity’ which has a calculation of ‘1.6’. This makes her energy requirements on this chart – 1962kcal/day so she should be consuming, on average, the normal 2000kcal per day.

It is important that I explain to a young person and their parents about the importance of following a high protein diet. Children and young people need more protein than adults. In the age range ‘1 – 14’ for a female, the young person should be consuming around 42.2g of protein per day. This is even more important if they are vegetarian or have allergies which stop the child eating particular foods.

Carbohydrates are another necessary part in a young person’s diet. Carbohydrates supply energy to the muscles which is needed for physical activity. The body also needs energy for the body’s growth and regeneration, and so without enough, this would delay growth. An active young person should be following a diet in which 50 – 55% of their calories are coming from carbohydrates.

Although I am only training each young person for a few months, this training should leave an impact on the rest of their life - exercise and nutritional wise. This is why I need to take the time to explain to them the reasons why exercise and a well-balanced diet are important.

• Details about their training plan and what you need to consider when devising a programme for the young person.
Young people are likely to become bored more quickly than an adult would, so need a different and more exciting programme. Therefore, I need to create something that is not just a typical gym routine, but is fun. When training young people, it is important to create a programme that creates enthusiasm and enjoyment on their part. What would this kind of programme look like?

Being friendly and bubbly and getting to know each individual client, is the secret to setting the right atmosphere with them. It will help the young person to feel relaxed and also - enthusiastic about starting their training. I need...

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