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Unemployment, such a simple word, but a terrifying thought to those impacted by it. How does one react to such a thing when their skills are no longer needed? Is there any hope for them to re-enter the workforce? There is a solution. The government provides job training for unemployed workers . Job training for the unemployed is supposed to be set up in a way that aims at future job forecasts. They try to predict what sectors, they believe, will be expanding in the future and try to train unemployed workers in those fields. This way they can jump into the growing market and have the skills needed to succeed and move forward with their careers. But how effective are these training programs? What can they offer individuals trying to get back into the workforce? First we will look at what these job training programs are and what they do then analyze the success they have had in the US in the recent recession, and lastly give insight on how the programs should be managed.
Job training first came to light in the 1930’s by Herbert Hoover during the depression to try to create jobs and decrease the unemployment rate. Since then there have been many different provisions to the implication of job training to the unemployed. From Nixon offering up new programs, to Ronald Regan trying to completely dispose of them, and now Obama using the Workforce Investment Act, they all are trying to do what’s best for our country. As we all know United States went through arguably the greatest recession of all time besides the great depression. Obama tried to revamp our economy by piling money into the Workforce Investment Act to try and jumpstart our economy. The Workforce Investment Act main goals are to increase employment, retain employment, increase earnings, and enhance customer satisfaction for participants and for employers. (Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. Government Performance and Results. Department of Labor) Also stated on this website, it has different services that it provides like job search, job placement, counseling, career planning, occupational and basic skills training, etc. So it seems to provide a lot for the unemployed workers, or so we think.
Now with a general idea of what President Obama is trying to do for the American people the next thing we can do is take a look at the effectiveness of this program. Looking at surveys form the Labor Department, it was observed that at the end of June 2011 78% of the 110,776 who participated in the training program had a job. The only downfall was that only 38% said they were placed in a job that they were trained for. (Dugan, and Scheck) So what are we truly observing here? Is it that these job-training programs are so great and are landing people the jobs they are prepared for? Or is it the fact that they have sought out more knowledge that makes them more applicable to employers? To be honest it is a little bit of both. In obvious job markets such...

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