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Training To Defeat Racism Essay

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Training to Defeat Racism07/05/2010Back in 1992 25% of the U.S. population was composed of people of color, including 12% African American, 9% Hispanic, 3% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 1% Native American. (Walker, 1993). If those growth patterns continue, by the year 2050, whites will constitute approximately 53% of the U.S. population, Hispanics 21%, African Americans 16% Asian/Pacific Islanders 11% and Native Americans 1%. Unless we teach our educate or children from an early age or train employees in the workforce neither will be prepared for life in an increasingly diverse society. While racism remains a problem in America, it can be reduced or potentially eliminated through the effective implementation of diversity training programs in our children's schools.The way we as society views a social problem will affect the way we devise a solution. If we have an incomplete definition of a problem, then we will envision a limited solution. If the problem of racism is larger than our limited definition, then our solution will be insufficient.I recall watching a daytime talk show on which the topic was interracial relationships. On this particular show, the father of a white woman did not approve of his daughter's engagement to a black man. When the audience call him a racist, he objected. From his point of view he was not racist because although he did not like black people, he would not use the "n" word. His definition of a racist was a person who used racial insults and since he did not use these types of word, he was not a racist. His limited definition of racist, using racial insults led to a limited solution, not using racial insults. He was blind to the pain that his attitude cause both his daughter and the man to whom she was engaged. We have to admit society also tends to define racism in a way that allows us to escape blame. The father on the talk show may differ in his degree of hypocrisy, but not in the effort with which we create our own definitions to excuse ourselves. By our choice of words, we try to define away our own faults.For the sake of this paper the definition of racism is: The belief that human beings can be divided into races and that members of some races are inferior to members of other races. People who believe in racism are called racists. They claim that members of their own race are mentally, physically, morally, or culturally superior to those of other races. Because of this, racists feel they deserve special rights and privileges. Racism in most countries has been directed mainly by the majority population group against ethnic minority groups. These minorities have faced discrimination in such areas as housing, education, and employment. (World Book, 2010).One view on racism is that it will never be eliminated. Even if all humans were to become one race there would still be forms of racism. This would be in the form of social status such as rich versus poor or middle class versus lower class. As long as...

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