Training Your Ultimate Body Essay

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Shape your body by cutting fat and sculpting muscle. Enhance your performance by increasing strength and cardiovascular endurance. The physical training process has been deconstructed, examined, and reconstructed. Needless complexity has been simplified or removed. The resulting system is balanced, thorough, and efficient. Whether you are a complete novice, skilled intermediate, or seasoned expert: Consider this system to be an issued challenge. Take on this challenge. Use the programs. See the results. Feel the results. Achieve your ultimate potential.


Fundamental information regarding biology, nutrition, and exercise needs to be addressed and understood prior to learning how the nutrition and exercise programs operate.

The body does not view or use food the way that people view or use food. There are no emotional values applied to food by the body. Your body sees food as a source of nutrients to be utilized as fuel, as reserve fuel, to build and repair, or to assist in processes and functions. This is the proper way for you to see food as well. Food is a source of nutrients to nourish your body. Always be conscious of your eating habits. If you eat mindlessly or unconsciously: Stop. This is unhealthy. Food is not an activity to pass time or for entertainment. If you eat for comfort, to relieve stress, or for emotional reasons: Stop. This is also unhealthy. Food will never be a friend, solve a problem, heal an emotional wound, or fill an emotional void. Trying to do these things with food is like trying to pour a glass of love to drink. It can’t be done. If you have an emotional problem, resolve it emotionally. If you eat for any reason other than to nourish your body, you are using food the wrong way. Enjoy the food that you eat but always eat for the right reason.

Metabolism, also known as physiology, is the rate and efficiency at which the body functions and uses energy. It is the total combined effect of every process and function of each cell, organ, and system in the body. Food provides energy. Body function and physical activity uses energy. The daily nutrient and caloric requirement of an individual varies depending on factors such as age, gender, genetics, and physical activity. Every person has a metabolic range that is unique to them due to their specific individual factors. That being stated, even with a unique metabolism, essentially we all work the same. Anyone’s metabolism can be modified to achieve their desired appearance, performance, and body composition within realistic, healthy expectations.

Energy use in the body is measured in calories. One calorie is the amount of thermal energy that increases the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. When referring to calories in your...

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