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Characteristics And Environment Of A Human Service Organization

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The world of management has so many different facets but in the human services field, management of organizations can be daunting. Not only do human service managers have to worry about budget concerns, stakeholders, and program objectives managers must perform these duties with the main objective of delivering services to clients in need. The object of this paper is to evaluate one human service program with regard to the organization's mission and values and how managers work with the public and stakeholders in delivering its particular services. The organization chosen for this paper is Klamath Hospice, Inc.Klamath Hospice, Inc.Klamath Hospice, Inc. is a local organization that "is a special concept of care designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families when a life-threatening illness no longer responds to cure-oriented treatments" (Klamath Hospice, Inc., 2010). Klamath Hospice has been operating in Klamath County for more than 27 years. The Hospice organization works in a team atmosphere with the patients, their families, doctors, and clergy in helping patients achieve their final days with dignity.Mission and ValuesThe organization's mission "is to improve the end-of-life experience for the terminally ill and their families" (Klamath Hospice, Inc., 2010). Klamath Hospice achieves their mission by ensuring that all patients receive quality care including pain medication, spiritual counseling, and emotional support whether the service is requested in the home or in a residential treatment facility. The values Klamath Hospice practice are those of service, respect, excellence in service, collaboration, and stewardship.Board of Directors and StaffKlamath Hospice is governed by a board of directors composed of doctors, psychologists, CPAs, nurses, social workers, and various community members. Three doctors from the local community are medical directors who oversee the staff. The management team is the Executive Director, Financial Manager, and Clinical Manager. Klamath Hospice has a large staff which includes administrative and clinical staff and volunteers.StakeholdersSome of the key stakeholders of Klamath Hospice are United Way, Oregon Hospice Association, California Hospice and Palliative CareAssociation, National Hospice and Palliative Care Association, and the many individuals who make donations to the organization Klamath Hospice, Inc, 2010). All these stakeholders have an interest in the operation and outcome of the services delivered by Klamath Hospice as some of these organizations either give accreditation to the organization or donate money for the continuation of services to the terminally ill. Klamath Hospice until 2005 was the only hospice organization in Klamath Falls but in 2005, High Desert Hospice opened its doors in the community, which also competes for funding dollars. Competing with another hospice in the community makes for a different environment for Klamath Hospice. Klamath Hospice had to step up...

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