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The basic premise for leadership is the process of influencing other people to follow your lead in order to accomplish a goal. It is about the relationship between the leader and the followers. A good leader tries to motivate people to bring about positive changes revealing a common objective without using coercion or manipulation. Leadership is not about control, but permitting interaction and communication between the leader and the individual followers. With empowering others, leaders build a foundation of collaborative thinking and encourage an atmosphere of personal involvement; a leader can strengthen the respect and loyalty of his or her followers. Leaders can affect this process by applying their own personal characteristics, such as individual beliefs and values, natural abilities, knowledge, and skills.
The character traits of leadership begin with the authenticity of the leader who wants to inspire or motivate others to follow him or her. Without trust, a leader cannot be successful in influencing others to follow. Therefore, good leaders should know who they are and have a clear understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. They must lead with honesty and purpose convincing others that they are worthy of being followed. Real leaders stand on principles and are unwilling to compromise those principles for power, money, or status.
Leaders are not just born although some people do have an innate gift for leadership. However, good leaders are willing to learn and discover new ideas recognizing their limitations and weaknesses. By recognizing the fact that leadership is not about knowing everything, it is about overcoming the obstacle and completing the task. Confident leaders can also be followers and take direction from a subordinate giving him or her opportunity to think and develop initiative providing personal growth for both. The importance placed on the follower’s opinions and capabilities acknowledges the value of his or her contribution by leadership. It motivates people to do their best and achieve the necessary goal(s). This empowerment by leadership therefore promotes a beneficial message between leaders and followers allowing for future communication when difficult circumstances might arise.
President Ronald Reagan was nicknamed “The Great Communicator.” Personal thoughts are that Reagan was one of the great leaders of modern times. The former president was able to change the status quo of government policies and public opinion through effective communication. As a leader, Reagan was guided by qualities of passion and genuine concern for the...

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