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Traits Of A Successful Speech Pathologist

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Today’s speech pathologists are faced with many challenges. However,
the field of speech therapy is unique in that when the speech pathologist
overcomes a challenges is more often that not a significant triumph in
the patients life. It is of massive importance for speech therapist have the following traits good interpersonal skills, the ability to take another’s perspective and problem solving skills.

Good interpersonal skills are vital for communication. Interpersonal skills not only include good spoken communication, but also non-verbal communication. Speech therapist are often one of the few people in the patient’s environment who serve as good role models for communication. Success ...view middle of the document...

Therapist must first identify the root of the problem and devise a plan to solve the problem. Once the plan is set in motion it is important for the therapist to keep documentation and constant tracking of the outcomes of the plan. Based on the outcome assessments the speech therapist may find alternatives to increase treatment outcomes.
Many will fall under the category of good speech therapist. However, the few that are categorized as great not only use knowledge and practice, they go a step further and treat the whole person. A whole person approach includes knowledge, practice, interpersonal skills, perspective and problem solving.

During the 2011-2012 school year I began working in a new school in South Los Angeles. The neighborhood was rough riddled with gang violence and turf wars. To compound the stress of being in a new environment the speech therapist, Judeen, assigned as my supervisor was also new to the school site and had never worked at a school before. We were both overwhelmed with the amount of “catch up” work assigned to us. Services had not been provided for the 4 months prior to our arrival.
After a week trial run of the student pull out schedule we had out first meeting. Prior to the meeting I had made some changes to the schedule to facilitate an easier transition for some of the students and to include a morning break. I presented the revised schedule and explained why I had made changes. Judeen did not agree with the schedule changes. She told me “teachers do not have morning breaks, if they have to go to the restroom they hold it until lunch time.” Furthermore, she was...

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