Tranquil Rhythms Essay

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“The life of man in every part has need of harmony and rhythm”
- Plato

Adapted from the Everyday Magic Exhibit at GoMA, the concept for my mini exhibit is Tranquil Rhythms. The title clearly represents striking elements of the exhibit that bring all the pieces together. There will be 5 collections shown in the exhibit, they are; Untitled (from webs from my garden series) by Sandra Selig, Citizens Band by Angelica Mesiti, Untitled Cascade by Rebecca Baumann, Assorted Spices for Dinner and Daydreams by Mieko Shiomi and Silver Screen by Callum Morton. The artists all come together around three central ideas that being tranquillity, rhythm and play. These central ideas will be ...view middle of the document...

When quiet you can hear the low buzzing of the fan and the low swoosh of the tinsel along the floor, creating a serene atmosphere surrounding Baumann’s artwork. The work is incredibly elegant to observe due to the pace that the fan is moving and the weight of the tinsel. Reflecting the notion of tranquillity amongst all the art pieces.

Similarly rhythm is another central concept. There are clear elements from each art piece that coincide in making it a central idea. Citizens Band is a clear indication of this idea being a music-orientated piece. The 4 musicians show their talents in public places demonstrating appealing rhythm and technique. The music isn’t hard hitting and so is quite soft and repetitious. The Webs From My Garden Series shows a different example of repetition then in Citizens Band. In these works they are repetitive in the way that several frames are displayed with the same instruments being used. All the frames show red coloured spider web in the same frames but with the pattern altering. Rebecca Baumann’s work however has a more apparent way of showing rhythm. By having a long line of tinsel that is flowing you see repetition in simply that the tinsel is exactly the same every time the fan moves, there are no surprises in what is happening to the work. Rhythm is also shown in the way the fan moves. Having it flow from one side to the other making the tinsel elegantly move due to the wind creates a nice rhythm and repetitive stance. This evidently displays how all three of the works, even if in different ways show a clear concept around rhythm.

The final concept is play. The artworks all show display different examples of play. Citizens Band portrays play in the idea...

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