Trans Fats, The Hidden Killer Essay

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Trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils are an unhealthy ingredient in almost all foods that causes obesity and heart disease. they are in almost all foods you eat from fried chicken to cake to potato chips. They are already banned in several cities and its making them healthier .The FDA has made steps to warn people of the danger and the next step needs to be a total ban.Trans fats should be banned for three main reasons: they are the leading cause of heart disease which is the leading cause of death in adult americans, they can be switched to healthier substitutes, and they are in almost all foods.
the hidden killer
Eating a lot of trans fats will dramatically increase the chances of getting heart disease. Aaron Carroll a professor of pediatrics at the indiana university school of medicine says “Trans fats are amazingly bad for you. By the 1990s, evidence was building that trans fats carried a significant risk for increasing coronary heart disease”
Trans fats also increase people’s level of lipoprotein(a) and triglycerides, both of
which are thought to be associated with cardiovascular disease.
(CNN good bye and good riddance by Aaron Carroll)

The centers for Disease Control and

Prevention say that removing trans

fats from the diets of americans

could prevent about 20,000 heart

attacks a year and

7,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease. 27,000 people at risk of dying because of

something they've eaten their whole lives, even if they didn’t want to. However there is progress, in 2006 the FDA started mandating that food labels start listing the amount of trans fats in the food so the consumer is aware of the hazard. Food companies have found a way to mislead their customers though. They are allowed to round the amount of trans fats per serving. So if something had a fourth of a gram of trans fats in it, on the label it could say zero grams. People could eat hundreds of grams of trans fats over the years even if they thought they weren’t!
(CNN good bye and good riddance by Aaron Carroll)

what can replace them
Trans fats aren’t necessary in foods but they do help preserve the food they are in. They also add a pleasant texture to the food so food companies . Luckily there is no shortage of substitutes to take the place of trans fats. one possibility is to use saturated fats in small amounts. Another option is to invent another fat that will have the same advantages of trans fats without the ill effects. Vegetable oils could also be used like coconut or palm oil. Using monounsaturated or polyunsaturated could work too.
(finding the best trans fat substitutes by colette bouchez)

some restaurants are starting to try to eliminate trans fats from their foods some of these restaurants include: McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger king, and several other fast food restaurants.
(CNN good bye and good riddance by Aaron Carroll)
Several cities along the east coast have already banned trans fats so far New York,...

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