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Eustace Conway was a true american transcendentalist because he was self brought up, self inspired, self taught and just all around one with nature. he was and is a big inspiration for many people and is a very spiritual man such as one with nature, and is away from society. Eustace Conway was said to be an amazing man as said by many people who have met and gotten the pleasure of his acquaintance. In this research paper i will go through what people have said and what makes eustace conway a true american transcendentalist.

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Eustace Conway an Amazing man in the eyes of many people, he is one of a kind, so different from others, so far away from everyone else. “the legendary ...view middle of the document...

“he learns more by visiting extreme climates and getting a better understanding for his surroundings.” as in this quote it shows that eustace challenged himself maybe to find a type of inner peace which every transcendentalist needs to find before they are truely the ideal american transcendentalist. Maybe though eustce already had his inner peace and was just looking to become a better and stronger man through his studies and his journeys. which every man does, every man looks to improve himself, make himself better somehow. yes we can find inner peace through this and still improve upon ourselves we just have to be happy with ourselves, because if we arent why should we expect anyone else to be happy with us or for eustaces case depend on him to have the knowledge needed to survive. so yes eustace has inner peace and he is stronger for this such reason, this gives him one trait of a true transcendentalist.

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eustace is a naturalist, he was raised on it, he seeks it, and he teaches how to become one, or more so how to follow into its ways. eustace’s parents were both very well educated naturalists so he had much freedom being born into the world, and he was already on the path to transcendentalism when he was just a wee boy. his parents were his models of self empowerment and can-do self sufficiency. soon as he was growing up and able to communicate he was...

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