Transcending People’s Home And Heart: Day And Romero

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In the times when people were acting violence, out of control due to the great depression and many people losing their jobs all around the United States, two brave person; Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin brought hope to the people. Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin founded the Catholic Worker Movement. After both having a spiritual awakening Dorothy Day became a catholic and along with Peter Maurin they both decided to found the Catholic Worker Movement to inspire others, and bring peace to the nation and if possible to the world. The catholic worker movement was not directly associated with the Catholic Church due to the difference each had but at time people felt like it should have been. Both Day and Maurin used the catholic movement to transcend to people home and heart and to promote pacifist attitude during the harsh years of the 1930s.
One of the founders of the Catholic Worker Movement was Peter Maurin. Peter Maurin was born in May 9, 1877 to a poor farming family in the village in the southern part of France. He went to the De La Salle Brother which was an Institution of the brothers of the Christian school but later was discourage due to the shift of focusing on political action instead of what it was originally supposed to do. For about 10 years he traveled until he finally landed in a suburb in New York. Around the 1920s Peter Maurin became a French tutor in New York it was around this time when he experience a religious conversion. Peter Maurin became inspired by the life of Francis of Asis and one of Francis of Asis believe which Peter Maurin took was the gift to help others in the community which he used by not charging an exact amount to the people he tutor but just receiving what they thought it was logical.
The second founder, but the most important person, of the Catholic Worker Movement was Dorothy Day. Dorothy Day was born on November 8, 1897 in Brooklyn, New York. She was raised in San Francisco, California and lived there until an earthquake hit San Francisco in 1906 which cause her father to lose her job. Her family and her moved to Chicago that same year. In the perspective of religion Dorothy’s family were Christian who rarely went to church, she was never really connected to them and sometimes went to church with her neighbors. Dorothy was a good student who loved to learn without people telling her to which is how she got her full ride scholarship to the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. While being in the University of Illinois in Urban Champaign she had undermined her childhood faith. One professor said “not to criticize religion because some people, especially the week, need it. The strong do not” (Zwick 4) due to what that professor had said Dorothy Day at that time felt she didn't need religion, she didn’t need to pray to god, she got away from god because she felt strong. Dorothy mentions later in her life “In my youthful arrogance, in my feeling that I was one of the strong, I felt then for the first...

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