Transferring And Storing Data Essay

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Data found after collecting is one of the most important resources for businesses. In order for businesses to efficiently function and compete in today's world, they must be able to transfer these data into an information system that is readily accessible. In order to ensure the quality transfer of these data, business must first select the best method of data input, followed by an output device, and consider what type of storage device is needed for storage as well as for the speed of the computer. However each component requires different method.The transfer of data into information systems is called data input. The accuracy of data input is important. Different situations entail different methods. The vast majority of business frequently requires data input for printed questionnaires, telephone surveys, bank checks, retail tags, and long documents. The best method for printed questionnaires is the commonly known keyboard. The process is readable and error proof compared to mistakes found in unclear handwriting. It is timelier compared to a typewriter and there's little training involved. The best approaches for situations such as a telephone survey are voice activated input devices. Voice activated input devices are designed to recognize voice responses to survey questions. This helps eliminate the cost and the time for personnel to conduct the survey manually. Data input for bank checks requires a secure transaction. The detail on the paper check must be read by machines to be converted to an electronic payment. The use of MICR, (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) a magnetic scanning input device, allows banks to credit, sort, and pay checks written by businesses and consumers. Retail tags are used in conjunction with a bar code scanner called optical scanning devices. Optical scanning devices read bar codes placed on the retail tags; it helps retailers keep track of inventory and correct pricing. The process is fast and efficient compare to manual entry and collection. The best method for long document is a DocuPen portable full-page scanner. DocuPen is able to scan an entire page of text and graphics in four second and store up to 100 pages in its flash memory. It is also found to be quite affordable with the suggested retail price of $199.99 and since it is the same size as a pen, it does not require a lot of office space. Although selecting the best method of data input is important, whether it is printed questionnaires, telephone survey, bank checks, retail tags, or long documents, there is no purpose of data input unless it can be output after completion of the process.Convenience and quality of output are important. The traditional output device is the printer. Different situations such as hand held computer, color photograph, resume, memorandum, statistical report, or a company annual report, requires the use of a printer as an output device. Hand held computer contain data that can be retrieved through wireless data transfer from a...

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