Transferring Lean Thinking Into The Indonesia Civil Service

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Each country has its own government, and it could be very different from one to another country. However, all governments have particular duties and responsibilities toward their citizens (Gomez, n.d). In general, the role of government is to assure the citizens’ well-being (World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), 2005) and specifically, Gomez (n.d) describes that the government’s duties and responsibilities are providing order, protection, public service, and economy stability.
Nevertheless, all governments throughout the world are dealing with the same issues including financial stresses, finding quality personnel, an aging infrastructure, and sustainability. Limitations that ...view middle of the document...

Today, one of the great threats to output growth is that the bureaucracy is failing to spend at anywhere near the level that have authorized in the budget. The state of corruption is very widely known, but the fact is much wider than what public know. The simple fact is that the public sector is outrageously inefficient, which certainly holds back the performance of the economy as a whole (McLeod, 2005).
In order to be the good and healthy government, the civil service reform in Indonesia is necessary. One strategy that government can do to improve its system is borrowing one business strategy called Lean. Lean mostly being used for manufacturing and business purposes. Lean principles bring the organizations to focus on eliminate waste that could increase the efficiency and productivity. Since the government needs to be more efficient, Lean could be the best strategy for achieve this purpose.
Literature Review
Lean Principles
According to Plenert (2012), Lean is “a systematic approach that concentrates the whole organization on continually improving Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Safety by seeking to remove waste, create flow, and increase the speed of the system’s capability to meet customer demand” (p. 142). Another definition of Lean is “a focus on elimination of anything not required in the delivery of a quality product or service, on time, at lowest cost, to customers” (Plenert, 2012, p. 142). In other words, Lean is a concept that focuses to eliminate waste in the production processes in order to increase productivity and rapidity.
Lean principles started in manufacturing areas and commonly believed began in Japan (Kilpatrick, 2003), since people identify Lean roots in the Toyota Production System (Radnor, 2009). However, in the 1920’s Henry Ford had indicate the use of Lean principles in the Ford company, as he said that they key in keeping the price of Ford products low is the gradual shortening of the production process (Kilpatrick, 2003).
According to Radnor (2010), there are five core principles of lean including: Determine the value desired by the customer; recognize the value stream for each product or service, serving that value and, challenges all the wasted steps; Make the product flow continually. Standardize processes around best practice enabling them to run more smoothly, also give more time for creativity and innovation; Introduce pull between all steps where continual flow is impossible. Focus on the demand from the customer and drive events backwards through the value chain; Manage to perfection so that non-value adding activity will be eliminated from the value chain so as the number of steps, amount of time and information needed to serve the customer continuously falls (Radnor, 2010).
Indonesia’s Civil Service System
Indonesia’s civil service system consists of Pegawai Negeri Sipil (civil servants), Anggota Kepolisian Negara Indonesia (police officers), and Tentara Nasional Indonesia (military personnel). The civil...

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