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Transform Faults Essay

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Faults are a break in the crust of a body like the earth or moon along with some movement of rock taking place. The hard outer layer that makes up the earth’s surface is called crust. It floats on a bed of semi-molten rock and is cracked in places. Each one of the cracked sections of the crust is called a plate. Scientists call the places where earth movement has left cracks in the surface rock faults. Evidence of shifting plates and released stress of moving solid rock seen by broken crust on Earth’s surface. Faults are classified three different ways: strike-slip, normal and reverse. Strike-slip fault appears when two plate ends slide past each other horizontally. Normal faults ...view middle of the document...

The North American Plate and the Pacific Plate press up against each other. Both plates are pushing towards the northwest. The pacific plate is moving faster than the North American Plate eventually when they do get stuck the Pacific Plate will break free first and if there is pressure built up when they break free an earthquake will form.

San Andreas Fault is a famous Transform Fault on Earth. The San Andreas Fault is a transform fault, which means that the two tectonic plates slide past one another going horizontally. It may occur in the portion of a fracture zone that exists between different offset spreading centers. The plates are constantly moving. The plates might move freely for a while until they get stuck at certain places. When the plates get stuck stress starts to build then when those two plates eventually break free from each other all of that energy will be released and a earthquake will begin. Another way that a plate can move is by going underneath another plate. When this occurs a massive amount of friction starts to build. When this energy finally gets released it is called a shallow focus earthquake. This whole process begins when the rock is squeezed and heated over time under tremendous amounts of pressure it can be bended and folded. When the pressure builds up two quickly the rocks begin to bend under the pressure. When they finally break they will release shockwaves through the earth.

The San Andreas Fault is a fault that is located entirely in California. Complex movements of Earth’s tectonic plates created the San Andreas Fault. The entire fault is about 860 miles long. Reaching from the Slaton Sea in Imperial County, California to Cape Mendocino in Humboldt County, California. The faults highest point reaches heights of about 6874 feet, which are located at Big Pines Ranger Station in Los Angeles County, California. The lowest point dips down to -35 feet in the Pacific Ocean west of Pot Arena, California. Most of the surface of the fault...

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