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Why, you may ask does a washing machine need complete discretionary control over all its internal functions? Efficiency is the simple answer. That's what artificial intelligence is all about. This world is advancing through technology and of course we are advancing in every possible way too, for the benefit of our customers. Every bit of life needs to progress so is with the new and enhanced washing machine, the SoftWash 2000. This machine has beeen made to save people time and to keep up to date with today.Suppose you throw a clean T-shirt into your old washing machine. You set the dial and away it starts. Twenty minutes later, you have wasted five gallons of water and 20 kilowatts of electricity. Not to mention the wear and tear your old rotating machine can cause to your shirt's fabric. Besides which, you now have a clean shirt which, by the way, now needs to be dried. But that isn't the worst part of it. If you were to turn the dial again and start the wash cycle all over, your machine would do the exact same thing. Wasted water, wasted energy, wasted time. Your machine is incapable of learning from its mistakes.However, if you place that same shirt in the new SoftWash 2000, its ChoiceChip microprocesor will immediately scan the shirt for dirt and stains. Finding none, it will take no further action than to light up the "cycle completed" light on its control panel without having wasted a millilitre of water, a micro joule of electricity, or a nano-second of your time. Now suppose you actually do need to do some real laundry.Do you have time to sort the light colourd fabrics from the dark colourd fabrics? Of course not. Just throw them all in together. The SoftWash 2000 will scan the difference and sort them for you. Then, by precisely controlled micro-currents of water this fabulous machine will actually keep your fabrics separated as it washes them. Light coloured fabrics on one side of the machine, darks on the other. Not even the wter will cross from one side to the...

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Magical Transformation Essay

1618 words - 7 pages A fairytale is a fictional fantasy fable that passes through generations of children as source of interest to them. Though used for the intent of entertainment, fairytales often indirectly advocate a moral or message to readers (whom are usually children), in hopes that they will grow up to apply these ethics and lead a righteous life. This criteria, however, often originates from the occurrence of a magical transformation; it is this

Esperanza's Transformation Essay

950 words - 4 pages transformation from a privileged young girl to skilled and hard working young woman. Esperanza begins as a very wealthy girl in Mexico, and doesn’t think about how lucky she is to have the privileges that she has. She can have almost anything she wants and has to do little work. Esperanza barely even thinks about the lower classes. They are not part of her life. But when her ranch is burned down and her father killed, she has to leave Mexico and

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1083 words - 5 pages The novel Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, deals with a futuristic apocalypse that happens to an entire society and creates an new opportunity for the book’s main character Guy Montag. This apocalypse needed to happen because it provides Montag with meaning, which allows him to fully transform. Through Montag’s experiences to find answers and happiness, he begins to have realization and goes through a transformation from being the

Transformation Essay

684 words - 3 pages like the ants, it will only lead to more destruction and war then there already is, and no one would be happy. One of the last animals Wart is turned into is a goose. Geese are known for their great, majestic looks, and their graceful way of flying. Merlyn turns the Wart into a goose. During this transformation the Wart figures out that all of the geese live in peace and harmony. Their way of life was different from all the others he had

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1334 words - 6 pages Wiesel proves that their relationship’s strength because he continues to help and stay with his father until death eventually breaks them apart. Wiesel also goes through a transformation in his religious beliefs after his arrival in the concentration camps. Wiesel’s beliefs are put to the ultimate test during this time of horror and extreme misery. Wiesel constantly studies religious readings and devotes massive amounts of time to his religion


1651 words - 7 pages Throughout a person’s everyday life, he or she grows as a person through the relationships and encounters they have with others. Similarly, William Shakespeare writes a play called The Taming of the Shrew that tells the tale of a young woman, Katherine, who is known to be erratic and short tempered. She is later married off to a man named Petruchio, who only agrees to marry her for her dowry. Katherine is unhappy with the marriage, because

The Transformation of Othello

693 words - 3 pages TRANSFORMATION OF OTHELLOIn Shakespeare's play Othello the transformation of the main character Othello "the moor", both in terms of attitudes towards life and the state of mind he is in, is the main axis by which various types of other contrasts are worked up. In this play readers are ended up with a final where a respectful and strong general turned in to a weak person that is manipulated by the vicious plans of Iago, the "evil" character of

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600 words - 3 pages , capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation in support of Transformation and Peace-Keeping Operations. Accomplished managing professional with five years experience as Site and Technical Manager for a highly complex computer simulation training center. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: USIS, (U.S. Government Peace-Keeping Operations), April 2013 – March 2014 Financial Management and Budget Advisor to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA

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940 words - 4 pages has coined the new term "beyond petroleum" in an effort to rebrand itself as an icon and pioneer.As can be seen below in diagram 1, BP started with an initial focus predominantly in the Middle East, before external environment circumstances necessitated a focus to other areas of the world such as North America and Europe.Diagram 1.1 Timeline of BP (BP corporate website)This report will examines the leadership eras, and corporate transformation

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1772 words - 7 pages prestige of Arabs does not symbolize a failure of Islam, but represents a transformation of Islam in Central Asia. Hence, this paper will evaluate how the gradual changes of social statuses of Arabs from 600s to 700s have affected modification of Islam. First, this essay will look at biographical notes of Ibn Sina, then Ferdowsi’s “Shahname” will be discussed, and last, Islam during the Turks period will be analyzed to identify transformations faced

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1347 words - 5 pages The transformation of America is often discussed in both popular media and academic dialogue. Each generation has a name, new technologies define new eras, and events seem only notable when they are “historic”. While major events catch the interest of a broad spectrum of the public consciousness, subtle interactions between actors and slight shifts in beliefs are constantly changing the realities of the world. When the twin towers fell in

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1379 words - 6 pages Spiritual transformations know no boundaries; they permeate throughout the world’s religions, even to the lack of religion. In the article The Nature of Spiritual Transformation A Review of the Literature by Arthur Schwartz, a spiritual transformation is defined as “a dramatic change in religious belief, attitude, and behavior that occurs over a relatively short period of time.” (Schwartz 4) Schwartz mentions three contexts of spiritual

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1991 words - 8 pages military for strategic level deterrence and expects that it will be decisive in combat operations. For the military to be successful, it is important that transformation adapt to meet these expectations by conforming to the requirements of a successful force of the future in order meet any new threats in any environment around the world. Introduction The whole of military activity must therefore relate directly or indirectly to the engagement

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864 words - 4 pages What does a person think holds the most influence; the mistake itself or the actions that fallow after seeing the daylight of their mistakes? Will the mistakes be left to suffer in silence or will that person submit to their fatalities in a humble manner? In the short story “Transformation” by Mary Shelley, the main character Guido recalls his life story and admits all the horrible mistakes he made, despite his shame and embarrassment. He’s a

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780 words - 4 pages In Steinbeck’s short story The Chrysanthemums Elisa, the main character, undergoes several stages of transformation. She begins the story as, what appears to be, a hard women that has been tempered by her years of work and toil on the ranch that she shares with her husband. Still with all of the outward appearance of strength, Elisa has a softness at her core that is symbolized by her prized chrysanthemums. Each stage of her transformation