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Impediments to Transformation Strategy PlanMarch 10, 2008Transformation Strategy and PlanThis learner examines factors that impede organizational change, address factors that derail change efforts, and make viable recommendations to identify the presence of these factors, as strategies for overcoming them. Recommendations are made to implement incremental changes to keep the organization culture as an enjoyable, profitable, philanthropic, and well place to work. Latham and Vinyard (2004) recommend matching strategy to action plans, performance measurements, and specific processes driven by leadership. In essence, leadership is the driving force between strategy alignment and the maturation of organizational processes. Leadership is a principle driving force to alleviate impediments of organizational change.Factors that impede organizational changeExternal and internal factors may impede the accomplishment of change; some examples would include; 1) collective bargaining agreements, 2) regulatory requirements3)lack of support from stakeholders, and 4) corporate culture. External factor are changes in the environment that comes from outside the organization such as regulatory requirements, new competetion and shifting economic tides. Internal factors come from inside the organization such as standard operating procedures, strategic action plans, and other changes that can be implemented to improve organization performance.In a discussion about the history of labor law and bargaining agreements, Bennett, Alexander and Hartman (2003) states, four main federal laws comprise the statutory basis for labor law and unionization. The legislation initiating a move toward collective bargaining in the United States began with restricting court responses to union activity and establishing the right of employees to form labor organizations and to be protected against unfair labor practices at the hands of employers (p. 645). When unions are involved, organization change may become a slow process. Employees are reluctant to deviate from known guidelines or restricted by union bylaws mandated as an industry standard or regulation.For example, when making change, organizations need to comply with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. Imagine if an assisted living facility establishes a metric whereby the provision of medication to residents is based on staff availability. The goal would be to make sure residents receive their medication promptly, which is important. However, equally important is that someone licensed or certified to do so administer the medication. The implications of error are obvious. Thus, the metric based on time compels the metric based on qualification. If assisted living centers do not have enough certified staff to administer medication, this is an area they must immediately upgrade; rather than adjusting the metric, which, in this case, is driven by regulation.Lack of support...

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