Transformation From A Romantic To A Realist

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A romantic is someone who envisions the idealistic, has an imaginative thought process and most importantly is an individual. The opposite of a romantic, a realist is someone who looks only at the facts and what is in front of them, a person who is against those that break away from the norm. As a romantic, it is one's fate to experience a catharsis that shakes the core of one's values. The event must affect what the romantic values most and with this occurrence a romantic will evolve into a realist. In Poet's Society, Mr. Keating an English teacher transforms from a romantic to a realist as a result of a student's . Montag, a character from Fahrenheit 451, as a result of the ing of his former city, goes from a romantic to a realist. The character that had the largest growth from a romantic to a realist was Finny, from A Separate Peace. His motivation was falling from a tree and shattering his leg. In Poet's Society, Mr. Keating represents a transition from a romantic to a realist. In the first day of English class Mr. Keating makes it apparent he is not just a teacher of literature: "They're not that different from you, are they? Same haircuts. Full of hormones, just like you. Invincible, just like you feel. The world is their oyster. They believe they're destined for great things, just like many of you. Their eyes are full of hope, just like you. Did they wait until it was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they were capable? Because you see gentlemen, these boys are now fertilizing daffodils. But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in." (DPS, 12). In the latter, Mr. Keating embarks on the path of telling his students to stand out. He also proves himself to be a romantic. By saying 'you can hear them whisper their legacy to you' Mr. Keating is instructing the students to stand out as individuals, to go against the grain; and this was not what the boarding school had in mind for there scholars. Once again Mr. Keating further evokes to the students that conformity isn't always supreme: "Thank you Mr. Dalton. Gentlemen, tell you what, don't just tear out that page, tear out the entire introduction. I want it gone, history. Leave nothing of it. Rip it out. Rip! Begone J. Evans Pritchard, Ph.D. Rip, shred, tear. Rip it out. I want to hear nothing but ripping of Mr. Pritchard." (19). In this quote Mr. Keating repeats the word 'rip' to emphasize the grave importance of the idea English cannot be summarized into a paragraph. By repeating the word he creates a chant and it reveals his devotion to English and a higher idealized world. In this final quote to prove Mr. Keating's stance as a romantic, he speaks of true happiness: "But only in their dreams can man be truly free. 'Twas always thus, and always thus will be." (22). Here Keating states that dreams are the only idea to allow for a person to think for himself or herself in this conformed society. And this quote is...

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