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Transformation Of Islam Essay

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Arab conquest has led to the distribution of the Arabic culture within Central Asia, including the spread of the Arabic language as state and literary. However, from 700s the authority of Arab governors and military leaders undermines, and the intensive flowering of the literature in non-Arabic languages begins during the Samanids and the Karakhanids. People adjusted religion to their way of life. Therefore, this decline in the prestige of Arabs does not symbolize a failure of Islam, but represents a transformation of Islam in Central Asia. Hence, this paper will evaluate how the gradual changes of social statuses of Arabs from 600s to 700s have affected modification of Islam. First, this essay will look at biographical notes of Ibn Sina, then Ferdowsi’s “Shahname” will be discussed, and last, Islam during the Turks period will be analyzed to identify transformations faced by Islam.
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As a result of Islamization process Arabic language became an important element of the spiritual, political and social life of conquered nations (Soucek, page 69). Islamization was accompanied by a transformation of the Arabic language and literature to popular and prestigious means of communication. Due to the fact that the Koran was written in Arabic and translation of holy texts was forbidden (Soucek, page 71), in order to understand Islam conquered tribes had to learn Arabic, eventually becoming a carrier of Arabic language and culture. Proficiency in Arabic was an important condition for well being, especially as guarantee of political success (lecture 2, week 4) and prosperity in life. Moreover, Arabic also became language of natural sciences, including chemistry, physics, astrology and medicine (Soucek, page 71). However, it should be mentioned that Central Asian scientists have also brought the invaluable contribution to the development of Arabic as a medium of sciences. A huge role in the development of medicine has played a scientific and practical work of ibn Sina (Soucek, page 86). Persian by ethnicity, ibn Sina wrote his works in Arabic. Avicenna was familiar with Euclid’s works, Aristotle’s Metaphysics (ibn Sina, page 36). In addition to his achievements in medicine, ibn Sina has also studied the Arabic language and poetry in royal Bukhara library (ibid). In general, ibn Sina’s memoirs facilitated the transformation of the Arabic language from just religious language of into the language of science, thus glorifying Islam to world civilization as a religion that welcomes flourishing of sciences, desire for knowledge and intellectual development.
Historically, the conversion of sedentary Central Asia to Islam was long and complex process. It took almost a century for Arabs to convert Inner Asia to Islam. People had already formed culture and world-views; so it was psychologically difficult for them to immediately accept other religion denying own believes. Therefore, sometimes Islamization process was accompanied by coercion...

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