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Transformation In The Military. The Us Army Has Gone Through Many Transformations In The Centuries Past In Order To Posture Itself To Meet Changing Requirements.

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AbstractThe US Army has gone through many transformations in the centuries past in order to posture itself to meet changing requirements. With the changes in the modern day battlefield, many have seen a need to integrate the active Army, the National Guard, and the Army Reserve to build a unified, rapid response, and self-supporting fighting force. One man has seen the future and started the US Army on this journey of change. It has been the recent trend for the enemy to be a smaller, lighter, unorganized, and representative of the terrorist cell. This transformation has been researched and layout in the following paragraphs.Transformation in the MilitaryOur current National Security Strategy (NSS), National Military Strategy (NMS) and existing Army force structure were ill conceived for the future of the Army. As a result of the Bottom-Up Review (BUR), the Army was right sized and structured to meet the requirements to fight and win two major theater wars (MTWs). However, this force structure was never intended to support current deployment levels for military operations other than war (MOOTW). In fact, the BUR warned that, "protracted commitments to peace operations could lower the overall readiness of US active duty forces over time, and in turn, reduce our ability to fulfill our strategy to be able to win two nearly simultaneous major regional conflicts (US Department of Defense, 1993, p.94)."Increased MOOTW deployments such as Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia have driven the Army's operational tempo (OPTEMPO) to historically high levels. As prophesied by the BUR, the Army's overall readiness is declining. Moreover, given our current NSS, a turbulent international community ripe with MOOTW opportunities and continuing fiscalpressures, it is unlikely the Army can expect a reduction to OPTEMPO in the near future. In short, the Army is faced with a strategy and force structure mismatch.To compound this mismatch, the Army faces another pressing problem in its responsibilities to support joint warfighting. As joint warfighting doctrine continues to evolve and improve, deficiencies concerning critical missions such as rear area protection of the joint logistics and sustainment base and the need for a war-termination force have surfaced (US Department of Defense, 1995, pp.1-9). These unique Army missions pose a difficult challenge. How can the Army correct these joint warfighting deficiencies in an environment that already overtaxes its capabilities and resources?Late in the Cold War, the Army's strategy for using its Reserve Component (RC) forces was totally different from todays. Born of the joint vision of General Creighton Abrams and Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird, the Total Force concept was embraced by an Army all too aware of the problems created by not using significant RC forces in either the Korean or Vietnam Wars.The Army's overall readiness is declining. Moreover, given our current National Security Strategy, a...

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