Transformational Learning Essay

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Transformational Learning

The first stage of the learning cycle is seeing or noticing that something significant or

major is wrong. Next the second stage of the learning cycle is taking that problem head

on with great conviction. Then the third stage of the learning cycle is figuring out the best

way to fix and solve the problem. Finally the fourth stage of the learning cycle is

changing your life, and putting a whole new outlook on life, and making a whole new set

of goals.

EXP105 Online Learning and Achieving Lifelong Goals

I have just recently gone through a very difficult divorce and in the beginning before

the divorce I first recognized a change in my husbands sleeping patterns he was restless all night unable to sleep, I immediately recognized the symptoms from when he was doing methamphetamines, so I confronted him about my concerns and as usual he denied it and became very agitated and started threatening to commit suicide. I just blew it off because it wasn’t the first time that he had threatened suicide. He then said I am leaving I can’t take this anymore, he moved over to the side of the bed and sat down pulling his shotgun up from under the bed, he then proceeded to put the barrel up to his mouth with his hand on the trigger. I freaked and jumped across the bed and pulled the barrel away from his face. I yelled at him and asked what were you thinking, my children had watched and had seen it all, but he didn’t care about that, he had become so angry that he had decided to leave, but I wasn’t going to let him leave now after what he had just done in the bedroom. So I followed him out to his car and took his keys out of the ignition, this turned him into full-out rage. He tore his steering wheel right off the dash, scaring me to death. Finally I decided that I needed help, I called my mom, she then put my brother on the phone and I told him everything that had happened, he decided to call the police. I never would have had the guts to call the police, my brother showed up and asked if he was ok and how he was feeling, my husband told him that he was fine and my brother let him know that he had phoned the police and informed them of the attempted suicide. The police then started showing up coming in very cautiously, they took him to the behavioral wing at the hospital. That’s when I decided to get all the things that we needed and leave, I would come back for the rest later before he got out of the hospital, that’s when I finally made my decision to never go back to him and his...

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