Transformational Or Team Leadership, Which Should Apply And When?

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The dynamism of the current business environment has made so many theories about leadership fall short of the expectations of organisations and even the theorist themselves. Unfortunately, even the situational leadership which was seen to be closer to reaching the expectation of organizations and theorists has failed to provide complete solutions to the leadership challenges within businesses.

The various leadership approaches as posited by various authors have come a long way in trying to solve some organizational challenges, leaving loop holes in certain vital areas. Some time back, the so-called transactional management was used to manage some incremental and evolutionary ...view middle of the document...

Team members within organizations are required to succeed within current work environments with high information load, dynamic situational contingencies, clashing work and personal agendas etc. The need for leadership within teams has been succinctly spelt out by McGrath (1962); ‘if a leader manages by whatever means, to ensure all the functions critical to both task accomplishments and group maintenance are adequately taken care of, then the leader has done his or her job well’. This goes to say that leadership must first of all appreciate or recognise the group or team from whom the success of a business is expected.

A leader must take cognisance of the need for social involvement for identifying and managing whatever challenges that may arise from within the team as this can have negative impact on organizational goal achievement if not addressed and taking from theory of transformational leadership, there are consequences to business failure which comes from either the team members or leader decisions. Team effectiveness is grounded in members being motivated to work hard on behalf of the team. This motivation is derived partly from the cohesion of the team and from its sense of collective efficacy.

Comparing the transformational leadership to the team leadership, both approaches have similarities because they inspire and motivate followers to work hard to attain the required results. Both approaches are visionary as they encourage followers towards the future using the directional, visionary leadership attributes.

I agree that team leadership is an approach which empowers followers to self-achievement and self-leadership/management as asserted by Zaccaro (2001). In this regard, the team leadership approach will do better since it deals more with the followers than the leaders. Team leaders work more closely with their team members, providing guidance through examples.



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