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Transformations This Essay Is About How The Image Of A Motorcycle Biker Has Changed Over Time. It Also Gives Examples As How The Image Has Changed

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The image of a biker has done a complete 360 degree turn. Over the past twenty years the biker image has transformed dramatically. In the early sixty's to late eighty's bikers were portrayed to be outlaws in society. the conclusin that bikers ere outlaws was drawn from early biker films such as Easy Riders. in the movie Easy riders bikers were portrayed as heartless individuals ...view middle of the document...

over the past twenty years the popularity of motorcycles has increased greatly throughtout society. The stero type about motorcycles has increased greatly throughout society. The stero type about motorcycles being for outlaws is over. Individuals such as Evil Conevil have cemented the American dream of motorcycles into are hearts. today you can find a wide verity of different people enjoying the pleasures a motorcycle brings. Bankers,Teachers, and many other high class business people have all come together to create the new image of the biker. The outlaw days are over; the bikers of today are helping to create a better environment for everyone. Bikers from around the world have made clubs and organizations in which they can come together and share their passion. Bikers use these clubs to express their passion and love because there is no greater thing then strength in numbers. Because of the friendly atomosphere the popularity of clubs and organizations are growing.

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