Transforming Your Paper Into A Presentation

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Transforming Your Paper Into A Presentation

Fill in the following speech outline by using your paper as a guide or source of text for this worksheet. Some items will be completed by filling them in word-for-word directly from your paper. Other items will need to be reworded so that they are appropriate for an oral presentation.

Yibin Su
COM 217 Section:
Presentation Title:
Financial Crisis
Specific Purpose:
Let the novice understand what was happening in 2008 financial crisis

Thesis Statement:
In this presentation, I’m going to explain how the key roles worked together to create the 2008 financial crisis.


I. Attention Getter:
I guess most of you’ve heard the words Subprime Crisis again and again on TV when you were a middle school student 6 years ago. You may not know what it was when you were a child.

II. Credibility Statement:
In the past half month, I did the research and read many paper on the prestigious journals about 2008 crisis. Thus, I must be the best person to present you the 2008 crisis.

III. Relating to the Audience:
However, economics is relative to everyone’s life. We can still feel the wound of financial crisis up to today. It’s useful for everyone to learn something about economics.

IV. Thesis Statement/Preview of Main Points:
Investment banks, Rating agencies and Insurance companies are key components of the financial market. In this presentation, I’m going to explain how these three key roles worked together to create the 2008 financial crisis.

Directional transition:
First, let’s talk about investment banks.


*(Use complete sentences for each main point, supporting point, and sub-point. Add additional points as needed. Cite all evidence with parenthetical citations – Author, Year)

I. Main Point One:
The investment banks created a financial derivative called collateralized debt obligation.

A. Supporting Point:
In the past, if you wanted get a loan for a home, the person lending you the money expected you to pay him back.

1. Sub-point:
In the old system when home owner paid their mortgage every month, the money went to their local lender.

2. Sub-point:
Since mortgages took decades to repay, lenders were very careful.

B. Supporting Point:
In a new system, lenders sold the mortgages to investment banks

1. Sub-point:
The investment banks combined thousands of mortgages and other loans to create complex derivatives called collateralized debt obligation, or CDO.

2. Sub-point:
The investment banks then sold the CDOs to investors. (According to Preston’s paper “You eat what you kill”, a banker made 300,000 a year during booming period). Now when home owners pay their mortgages, the money went to investors all over the world.

Directional transition:
But here is a question, why should the investor buy the CDOs? They were fresh product. Why should the investors trust them? Now, we have to...

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