Transgender Bathroom Legislation University Writing Compare And Contrast Essay

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Madison Mihalicz
University Writing
October 11, 2016
Compare & Contrast Essay
Transgender Bathroom Legislation
The social and political debate of establishing and creating transgender bathroom policies
is reaching a high and you can bet there are many opinions. An editorial from the USA Today
argues that the bathroom bills target a “non-issue.” While an editorial by Time states
“Everything you Need to Know About the Debate Over Transgender People and Bathrooms”
which argues both angles to the issue. A relevant argument to make about this debate is that
overall there isn't enough concrete evidence to establish transgender bathrooms bills. Even with
some rising issues that were offered in the Time editorial as to reasons why transgender bathroom
policies should be established, the argument just was not strong enough. To clarify, the issues in
the Time editorial presented as more opinion based rather than based on an actual facts as
opposed to the USA Today editorial. The Time editorial provided little fact based justification as
to why transgender bathroom policies would eradicate possible issues. Although, between the
two editorials and their own opinions, there are still similar topics between the two.
In each editorial they both bring to the readers attention that there is minimal, if any
evidence supporting issues arising out of transgender people utilizing a specific bathroom. USA
Today found that when South Carolina was considering an anti-transgender bathroom bill in
April, a Richland County Sheriff spoke out in the Legislature. Leon Lott wrote “In the 41 years I
have been in law enforcement in South Carolina, I have never heard of a transgender person
attacking or otherwise bothering someone in a restroom. This is a non-issue.” While Time
brought up that “several states, school districts and corporations have adopted their own policies
affirming transgender people’s right to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity
and have reported no problems.” So “Media Matters called up the 17 largest school districts
governed by such policies and asked them if they had experienced any incidents of harassment
or inappropriate behaviour; they reported none had.” Both pieces of evidence support my
argument that legislature doesn't need to tamper with bathroom policies until there are
confirmed problems and/or situations that can be directly attributed to the lack of transgender
bathroom policies. On the other hand there is a topic on which the two editorials disagree with
one another.
The difference in these articles arise from the topic on “creeps” and sexual predators. USA
Today stated that “virtually every restroom in America is unlocked, so there’s nothing to keep
creeps out now.” But Time says that having bathroom policies “would open the doors up for
sexual predators or peeping boys to use those protections as a dangerous ruse to get into female
spaces.” Both editorials make a valid point although USA Today...

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