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“When trannies were growing up and coming of age-there was no place for us. We were kinda put on the fringes of society...the real safe space for us was out there on the streets” (Trans Views). OR “Gender is a universe and we are all stars” (Lacey Roop). Transgenderism can be best described as moving away from the gender assigned at birth. This can mean wearing the clothes, taking on the roles, and assuming the pronouns of a gender designated at birth, or rejecting gender entirely . Gender variance and transgenderism, although seen commonly throughout human history, are seen as unnatural and an insult to the sex that God “gave”. Many believe that sex and gender is the same thing, and therefore assume that one that is biologically female is a woman, and one that is biologically male is a man. There is a common misunderstanding that transgenderism is an expression of homosexuality, assuming that the trans person is straight. Sometimes, transgender is seen as a gender of its own, ...view middle of the document...

Christine was the first person to become widely known in the United Stated for having sex reassignment surgery, and set the widely-known definition for transgender as a person who has gone through surgical and hormonal transition. As examples of transgenderism and gender variant behavior has been seen from Royalty in Ancient Egypt, the Saint Joan of Arc in Catholicism to modern icons like Laverne Cox, an actress on the Network original series Orange is the New Black, not complying with the societal expectations that are tied to the gender assigned at birth cannot be seen as anything except an inseparable part of human nature, culture and history.
Trans and gender variant people blur the blue and pink distinction of the expected behavior of gender and the physical “fact” of sex. Separating the issues of gender and sex can disturb the learned “truth” that gender equals sex that has been adopted and held close by many. Common beliefs are that transgender are mentally ill or in the wrong body. “Under the binary phallocratic founding myth by which western bodies and subjects are authorized, only one body per gendered subject is ‘right’. All other bodies are wrong” (The “Empire” Strikes Back). While most trans people experience some degree of gender dysphoria, this insecurity is caused by harmful beliefs that body equates to gender. Gender identity, gender expression, and sex all exist separately, but are often seen as a repeating factor. Oversimplifying “alternative” gender by explanation of being in the wrong body is harmful and prevents an expression of a deeply felt emotional reality. Transsexual was listed in the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in 1980. “Classifying transgender people as ‘suffering from a medical disorder’ is helpful in accessing service for those who choose medical transition, and it often prompts sympathy and understanding from nontransgender people. Some theorists argue. however, that the problem is not with the trans person but with a gendered society” (LGBTQ+ Encyclopedia America Today). Transness is no more a mental disorder than cisgenderism, the state of gender identity agreeing with gender assigned at birth.

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