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Transitioning From Mexico To America Essay

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The Mexican culture is very patriarchy or male dominated. It is polite and tradition to speak to the man of the house first. The women are not allowed to make plans or decisions without the male’s consent. Fathers are usually the ones who discipline the children. Mothers are greatly respected, taking care of the children, but are often seen as secondary to their husbands.
Mexican culture is very family centered not only to their nuclear family but also to extended family. In fact, many households have extended family living under one roof. Elderly are very valued and are looked upon to for wisdom. They tend to keep family matters in the family, not to outsiders, so they tend to have a very open communication with each other. Children are expected to be obedient and are not normally involved in decision-making. The older children are expected to protect and take care of younger siblings (Sue, 2006).
Many marriages do not end in divorces within the Mexican culture. Dating customs are seen as very traditional. Women usually do not seek out the males; they wait until a male approaches them. Fathers must approve of these men and then they begin a courtship. During their courtship the male pays for the meals and other activities that they may do, many times the males bring the ladies flowers and other small presents (Core, 2014). A custom that is very common in the Mexican culture is the man will bring a guitar or violin and sing outside the woman’s window. If she is interested she will come out and if she is not, then she will never come out of the house. This courtship is usually more serious than regular casual dating; in fact, many talk about marriage during this time. The children tend to live with their families until the day that they get married. It is typical to not engage in any sexual interactions before marriage due to their religious beliefs (Cone, 2014).
Schooling in Mexico is similar to schooling in the United States. They have primary school, which children attend between the ages of six and twelve. These primary schools can be bilingual teaching the Spanish language and the local language if it is different. Then they attend secondary school from ages twelve to fifteen. At age fifteen teenagers can go on to upper secondary education for three years and then to a Technological College or University (APEC, 2012).
Healing Methods
There are some methods of healing that are outside traditional medicine. For many cultures, including Mexican culture, having a shaman or medicine healer is very common. In Mexico they call this person a curandera or curandero. A curandera can help anyone who is having bad luck to suffering from a long-term illness like cancer. These sessions usually consist of one or a combination of the following prayer, medicinal plants, eggs, floral waters, spiritual cleansings known as Limpias, along with massage, indigenous acupuncture, and/or ceremony bring about internal and external balance (Sesma,...

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