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Transitioning From Nursing Student To New Graduate Nurse (Ngn)

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Transitioning from academic nursing student to Registered Nurse/New Graduate Nurse (NGN) within the healthcare environment is a challenging task for many NGNs. They may encounter a number of challenges, such as the following: transition shock, professional isolation, lack of clinical experience, stress, lack of a support network and cultural incompetence. At the end, this essay will discuss the rationale for developing my two most important goals for the next twelve months.

I presume the role transition from academic nursing student to Graduate Nurse will be challenging and rewarding. In their findings, the researchers Doody, Tuohy & Deasy (2012) stated that for a successful transition NGNs need to be competent in a range of domains: interpersonal skills, managing workloads, providing health information, communication, and prioritising care delivery. Although I believe I am competent in the above specified areas, I am still not confident that I would get sufficient support in the hospital environment in terms of knowledge sharing, moral support and being given constructive feedback. Constructive criticism increases confidence in the work role and reduces stress in an individual (Doody, Tuohy & Deasy, 2012). In my previous professional placements I have been able to demonstrate my competency to work in the healthcare environment. I have received positive feedback from placement educators, buddy nurses and patients. Despite being competent in a range of the above areas NGNs may still face transition shock.

Transition shock or reality shock in the NGN is the stress faced whilst moving from the university study phase to hospital based professional practice (Kramer, Brewer & Maguire, 2013). The NGN faces various challenging transition issues mostly in the first twelve months of their entry into the profession. Transition shock is the precipitating factor that has a negative impact on the NGN’s ability to actively transition into their professional role. In order to support NGNs during this phase health organisations should address this issue and accordingly could develop programs to support NGNs such as providing a support network, assisting with time management skills and making resources available. Positive previous work experience, maturity and courage are positive factors contributing to a successful transition by NGNs (Duchscher, 2009). Also, professional socialisation helps an individual to transit through the New Graduate Nurse program.

Professional socialization is the process by which an individual develops the skills, knowledge and ability in their professional work environment which are socially acceptable. It is one of the most important factors for effective transition from Graduate Nurse to Registered Nurse. In this process NGNs learn the appropriate skills and knowledge regarding their professional role. Also, professional socialisation includes interaction with multidisciplinary teams, professional development and...

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