Transitioning Urban Area Towards A More Sustainable Future: Changing Attitude Toward A Place Through Integrated Urbanism

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Critical analysis

In the course of the last decades, participatory and integrated approaches have become important factors of change in planning processes and projects. Rapid changes in the economic, political and social orders of cities have increased tensions between different actors and interests which call for new approaches to urban planning and urban design practices. In addition, processes of democratization, accompanied by the increasing strength of civil society and the access to information has forced city governments to become more accountable and more responsive to citizen demands (Devas et al., 2004). Integrated urbanism is becoming more acceptable for urban design. Following ...view middle of the document...

As the environment changes government and private sectors initiates health care centre and schools. Recreation facilities around the area attract the neighbour as well as other city dwellers. It becomes a location for communication with the neighbour to the rest of the city. Pedestrian pathways, bicycle routes, non motorized boats provide economic transportation facilities and inspire future development for green public transportation.

Environmental protection
For last three decades private real estate companies are grabbing the wet lands in and around Dhaka and proposed more than two hundreds large scale housing projects. To upgrade the transportation system canals are covered with culvert and finally disconnected from the city water network system. Natural water reservoirs and drainage system are extremely hampered with recent urbanisation. Result is water logging, flood in every year. Most of the water body vanished in last few decades. Hatirjheel project reconnect and improve the water network and offers the waste management system. It works as a water basin for the neighbour that mitigates the water logging problem. Bridges over the canal is saving travel time as well as the fuel consumption. Through this project pedestrian and cycling is encouraged which will reduce air and sound pollution. Hatirjheel is called as the lungs of Dhaka city for the green pockets and plantation along the roads.

Economic development
Tejgaon, Gulshan, Badda, Rampura, Mouchak and Maghbazar area around the lake are changing rapidly. Land value is rising and new developments are placed here, though this is also considered for a reason for gentrification. New commercial development opens up employment facilities to the community. In a different perspective, it reduces travel time and save fuel consumption which directly and indirectly helps economy.

Effective urban governance
Hatirjheel Lake was used for dumping waste and illegal settlement. Surrounded area specially Badda, Mogbazar, Rampura had poor linkage with the rest of the city. Inequity was clearly visible in micro and macro scale. Development was concentrated near the main roads. This project decentralized the development and brings equity to the whole area surrounding Hatirjheel.

Sustainability analysis in local scale

After finishing the project transportation problem solved and neighbour found different transportation modes in local scale. Now the neighbourhood community don't depend on only motorized vehicle anymore or they need not spent hours to cross the canal. Vitti team designed each and every detail relating to the context and neighbourhood demand. Green pockets are highly appreciated by the local community and their participation proves that fact. This central area becomes a hub for community conversation. The open spaces are use for different cultural and religious festival. Children's play areas attract the kids and also bring their parents. Youth centre and amphitheatre is also proposed...

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