Translating Art Installation Into Ict: Lessons Learned From An Experience At Workspace

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In an interactive digital art, the artwork consists in producing relationships between an active audience and a dynamic art-system [8]. These relationships are part of the concept of relational aesthetics, a tendency in contemporary art in which art is a set of artistic practices that produces a social experience completing the artwork [5]. According to Fels [26] people build relationships with objects external to their own self depending on how deeply embodied the person is into an object or an object is into the person. These objects may be other people, devices, or other external entities. For artists, achieving a deeply type of embodiment is challenging [26]. Issues relating to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) are important to interactive digital art and may help artists in decision-making. In interactive digital art, artists need to be concerned with the behavior of the artwork, the audience experience interacting with it or even each other, and in participant experience and their degree of engagement [9].
Interactive art is a form of art that privileges experience over static objects. Taking the advantage of the new technologies, interactive digital art can create innovative ways to stimulate and engage audience to interact with the dynamic art-system [8]. However, it is necessary more empirical research on translating or transposing the essence of artistic expression from an interactive traditional art installation to an interactive digital art.
Translation is regarded as a process of transformation an object into an equivalent object in a different language or format retaining, as far as possible, the content of the message, features and functional roles of the original object [4]. Aiming at observing the potential of the mobile technology to produce the same personal involvement of an interactive art installation, we translate the essence of an art expression using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). We also compared the results of our translated installation with the original.
Cities are evolving at a rapid pace contributing to a lack of interconnectedness of the people in the city. Public art installations has been used to engage people to interact more with their city and their community. These kinds of installation give people a space and a chance to express their individuality, thoughts and aspirations with their community improving or creating relationships among people [6].
Designing space for self-expression and socialization have an important role for people in a community remembering and celebrating their own culture [6]. Several art projects such as "Wishing Wall" [23], "Community Chalkboards" [12] and "Before I Die" [7] used the public space to promote community awareness of audience through art as seen in figure 1. These art projects explored inclusive ways for reflection and sharing a public space using relatively simple materials such as post-its, stickers and...

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