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Translation Using Automated And Computerized Means

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Machine Translation is the process of translating one
natural language into another using automated and
computerized means.Based on the mode and direction of translation there are so many translation systems available now.Even though no such translation system can give highly efficient result. The proposed system is a rule based multilingual unidirectional translation system which translate English sentences into corresponding Malayalam and Hindi sentences.During translation it incorporates morphological and syntactic information present in the working pair of languages.And it also performs some word sense disambiguation,semantic analysis and morphological processing on the generated target sentence.The proposed translation system use machine learning approach for word sense disambiguation and unicode based method for morphology generation.It use Stanford dependencies for semantic analysis.The structure of bilingual dictionaries can effectively increase the speed of translation process.This system can translate all the tenses and different type of sentences in English language into corresponding target language format.\

Language is an effective medium of communication. It effectively represents the ideas and feelings of human mind. All around the world we can see more than 5000 languages. It
shows the existence of linguistic diversity. It is difficult for an individual to know and understand all the languages of the world. Hence, the methodology of translation was adopted to communicate the messages from one language to another.Machine translation is one of the research areas under computational linguistics. In the machine translation systems,a computerized system is used for the process of translation from one natural language to another. Developments in Information Communication and Technology have brought tremendous changes in the field of machine translation.
Machine translation systems\cite{r0} can be designed for all the languages. If it is specifically designed for two particular languages then it is called bilingual system, or if for more than a single pair of languages then it is called multilingual systems. The language inputted for the translation is called source language(SL) and language outputted by the translation system is called target language(TL). Based on the direction of translation we can categorize the translation systems into two as unidirectional and bidirectional. In a unidirectional system source language is converted to target language format by the translation system. But in the case of bidirectional systems translation in either direction is possible that means from SL to TL and TL to SL. Bilingual system may be either unidirectional or bidirectional.
Multilingual systems are usually designed to be bidirectional but most bilingual systems are unidirectional. Based on the approaches used for translation , it can be classified as direct transfer, Rule based and Corpus based. The approaches differ in the depth of...

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