Transmigration, Lampungnese And Balinese Ethnic Principle

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Transmigration has been known since 63 years ago in Indonesia, initial idea of the transmigration came over the Dutch-East Indies government. Indonesia history noted that transmigration started when the Indonesian government was coordinated to dispatch or move 23 families (77 persons) of Sukadana citizens, Begelen Sub-district, Central Java towards Gedong Tataan, in the northern Tandjungkarang City of Kerisidenan Lampung, Sumatera. Migration or population movement in Indonesia known as transmigration aims for equalization the welfare and development of the regions in Indonesia. The program aims to reduce overcrowding in Java, Madura and Bali Islands, which have problems disproportionately ...view middle of the document...

However it would bring negative impact, one of them is a native settlers who felt that comers will control the land of their ancestors, moreover some of migrants have no solidarity to live along with the natives and arise tribal war that trigger of fatalities and even uninvolved elements can affected simply because of their ethnic identity issues. This issue is the basic reasons why continuation among natives and new comers coexist not only should be filled with love, peace, and friendship but also should be maintained.

Lampung is one of massive transmigration destination in Indonesia. In the Dutch period, a lot of Javanese who moved to Lampung, right now we can find a variety of areas in Lampung named using the Javanese language, in addition the Javanese language is also widely used there. In Lampung there are also villages that similar to villages in Bali, indicate from the name of the village and the language used, even the form of home building that characterizes parts of Bali, this is the formation of Balinese transmigration citizens. Javanese and Balinese tribe are the majority population of Lampung in addition of Lampungnese tribe itself. The indigenous people of Lampungnese only slightly, but the composition of Javanese, Balinese, Lomboknese, Padangnese, Palembangnese, Bugisnese, Acehnese and also some Arabian and Chinese descent who settled there a lot. With such diversity, the Lampung area can be prone as conflict areas between ethnic groups; in 2012 there was conflict between Lampungnese and Balinese that evoke massive disaster.
Huge flow of transmigration around the 1980s made many Balinese moved to Lampung. New order (Soeharto era 1966-1998) made Lampung as one of the prime location of transmigration. Inscription made as the proof of trasnmigration success by the manufacture of Transmigration Museum in Lampung. Balinese were swept away, those who have not felt their luck on the island paradise (Bali Island), willing to move thousands of miles to Lampung. Balinese tribes were first came to Lampung around 1957 to wander and farm. Balinese tribes migrants still retain their culture and apply it in new areas. This is the reason why Balinese people making the symbol of regionalism in the home and in the occupied village on Lampung. Especially seen from the shape of the house and a place of worship for Hindus (the religion professed by the majority of the tribe on the Bali Island). In Bali Island these Balinese is usually formed small communities called Banjar (village). This confirms that ethnic identity cannot be left to any concerned person wherever they go. They will bring their identity of the ethnic wherever they lived or moved. Each tribe has different culture or customs, for example; the following will be discussed differences of ethnic principle as philosophy of life that embraced Lampungnese tribes and one of transmigration tribe in Lampung namely Balinese tribes.

A. Lampungnese
The origins of Lampung indigenous peoples are...

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