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Your car will rely on many things especially fluids to keep all the mechanical parts well lubricated and working without using much heat on high-friction functions. Transmission fluid is one of the most important fluids in the car.

The transmission system uses clutch, actuating shafts and all the gear connections. Each engine gear will have a limit, which is defined by the red line that is always defined by the revolutions per minute. When the gear of your vehicle reaches the limit, it has to stop spinning and let another gear power the vehicle. Your transmission system will be responsible for moving the power one gear to another without letting the engine stop, and transmission helps in making that happen.

Transmission fluids for both automatic and manual transmission systems act as the lubricant for the transmission system parts. They can either be synthetic blends or mineral blends, which encompasses various maintenance additives for helping the other systems in the engine. Manual transmission fluids will have a very distinctive smell due to the added molybedum disulfide compound. It is very important for the manual transmission fluid because they have greater friction rate when the gears start to slide.

As the gears of your car shift every time, wear and tear can break down the mechanical parts. Driving in debris-filled terrains can add extra friction on the engine systems of your car. If there is proper transmission fluid, then this debris can be removed and passed in the transmission filter.

Always remember that you must consult the operator’s manual to decide the proper transmission fluid for your vehicle and the changing frequency for the same. The mileage and driving habits are contributing factors in frequency. If there are any leaks in the transmission system, as evidenced by purple puddles or deep green beneath your car, then you will have to get it repaired and flushed.
Therefore, it is necessary to get your transmission fuel replaced in due time. Here are some simple steps on how to replace transmission fluid.

Things Required:
• Socket wrenches
• Screwdrivers
• Mallet
• Longneck funnel
• Two old milk jugs
• Jack stands or car ramp
• Wheel chocks
• Brake cleaner
• Several clean shop rags

Preparing for replacing transmission fluid
• Before you lift your car, you must examine the transmission to diagnose the health of the same. You will have to run your car for this, so start the engine of your car and allow it to run until it is warm.
• Keep the gearshift in park and the emergency brake should be in place. Now you will have to check the level of the transmission fluid with the help of a dipstick, which is located in the rear of the engine.
• After some time pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a clean rag and again insert it in the tube, making sure that it is seated completely over there. Pull the dipstick out and check the film of fluid...

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