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Transmission Power Control In Single Hop And Multi Hop Wireless Sensor Networks

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Transmission Power Control in Single-hop and
Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Networks
Abstract—A major challenge in wireless sensor network (WSN)
deployment is to minimize sensor node’s energy consumption
to prolong the lifetime of the finite-capacity batteries. Power
control is one of the main techniques used to conserve energy in
wireless sensor networks. In this paper we provide an efficient
power control scheme for WSNs based on Telosb platform
which is IEEE 802.15.4 standard compliant. Our simulation and
numerical results illustrate that energy spent to transmit a packet
in network system using short-range multi-hop path does not
necessarily save energy as suggested by some researchers [1].
However, in a single-hop we can save energy by transmitting at
lower transmission power levels while still maintaining reliable
connectivity, resulting in up to 23% reduction in the total network
energy consumption.
Index Terms—wireless sensor network, energy efficiency, transmission
power control
Sensor networks are distributed networks made up of
small sensing devices equipped with a processor, memory
and the capability for short-range wireless communication.
Recently, ad hoc WSNs have gained tremendous attention
in research communities and commercial applications. This
has been partly due to ad hoc wireless networks’ capability
to establish connectivity without the need for pre-existing
infrastructure, and the fact that these networks are envisioned
to support a wide range of embedded applications. It is also
worth mentioning that the decrease in the size and cost of
sensors has also played a part in increasing the use of WSNs
for applications that would not have been considered feasible
The capability of setting up networks without pre-existing
infrastructure provides a significant benefit in rapid sensor
nodes deployment, and a reduction in the cost of setting up and
maintaining networks. Wireless sensor networking can offer a
wide range of potential monitoring and control applications
in areas such as security surveillance, rescue missions in
inhospitable terrain, traffic surveillance, environmental monitoring,
health care, robotic exploration, inventory tracking,
home appliances, and farming [2], [3].
Whilst ad hoc networks have been the subject of a significant
research and development. Currently, the emerging field
of WSN research combines numerous disciplines and poses a
combination of challenges facing modern computer science,
wireless communication and mobile computing [4].
Sensor networks may consist of a large number of tiny,
energy constrained distributed nodes that collect information
via their sensors and forward this information to a user
or a general data sink for processing/reporting. Due to the
node’s limited transmission range, information collected by a
particular node will most likely go through intermediate nodes
(multi-hop path) to reach its...

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