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Transparent Glass Essay

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We all like movies, but is it better to read a play or to watch it? Most would rather pick a movie as an easier solution. It may be a burden to sit down and read a play, a more entertaining option would be an easy to follow movie. However, a movie may leave important information out that you would get from reading a play or it might just do the opposite. In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams we will see the differences between the written play and the 1950s movie directed by Irving Rapper. As we look deep into The Glass Menagerie’s reason for being written, we realize why the play should or should not be left unchanged and which version portrayed the meaning better.
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What seems to solve the conflicts is the discussion of a suitable man for Laura. This is a common occurrence in both the written play and the movie. The first conflict we are introduced to in both versions is Laura dropping out of business school. Amanda is deeply frustrated that her daughter threw away the only chance for a nice future for both of them. The way it is solved is Amanda finding a gentlemen caller for Laura. She says, “Girls who aren’t cut out for business careers usually wind up married to some nice man,” To solve Tom’s conflicts with Amanda, he has a tendency to rush off to the “movies.” Just a cover-up to where he will actually be going, a bar. He returns in the morning for things to be settled down a bit. We see Tom following in his father’s drunken ways until he finally had enough and just leaves in the end.
With this version of the play being one of the first movie version according to, they had nothing to be compared with and they had the first opportunities to make an incredible version of the play. The movie includes a cast of great actors and actresses. It stays on track with the original play but gives a nice insight to things we could not get from just reading the play. We see the relationship between Jim and Tom clearer, when they are working. The conditions of the warehouse where Tom works is shown. These pictures are needed for us to understand why Tom is so eager to leave Amanda and Laura.
While the movie follows the script for the most part, we are given a bit more for our imagination than just reading the play. The major difference happens at the end. The written play ends with Tom leaving his family with no intent to come back. Laura is seen as having no hope for a future since Jim was the last chance for one. Amanda is left being disappointed with both Tom and Laura. We do not know what happens to any of them. Does Tom have a satisfying career? Does Laura get married? Does Amanda finally live her own life?
The movie generally is more satisfying in the end. We see that Laura is not as upset and let down, as the play portrayed, by Jim not being able to call her ( She invites both Jim and his Fiancé to come over for dinner. There is no resentment from Laura for what happened. In fact she see it as a beginning of a new life (Davis). That night with Jim, she got to dance and have a kiss for the first time. Her eyes were opened to the light not blown out by the...

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