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Chapter1Background information1.1 IntroductionBingley is an old market town on the banks of the River Aire, five miles north of Bradford. Bingley is home to many well known businesses such as Bradford & Bingley Bank and Damart (see figure 1.1). It is well renowned for its tourist attractions such as Five Rise Locks, Bingley's most famous monument and a wonder of the canal age.Figure 1.2 depicts the world famous Five Rise Locks. Bingley has seen many changes in its history it has been a market town, a manufacturing centre and most recently an agricultural hub. The last of these is reflected in the annual Bingley Show, the biggest one day agricultural, horticultural, craft and horse show in Europe.Bingley joined the canal network before its neighbour, and boasts one of the wonders of the waterway age in Five Rise Locks (1774), which raises boats on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal up sixty feet in five steps. The attraction is visited traditionally, by people who visit the Locks in the summer whilst spending a relaxing weekend in Bingley. The majority of visitors are predominantly of the older generation.Apart from the canal and the river, the narrow valley holds a railway and the main road from east of the Pennines to the Lakes and the west of Scotland a communications bottleneck that has worsened over the years and blighted the town. Bingley was absorbed into Bradford's local government set up in 1974.The project provides an analytical review of Bingley's relief road and the implication for local businesses. The dual carriage way has provided long awaited relief for the residents who live along the congested A650. The road has diverted traffic away from the single carriageway of the A650 providing relief for residents and some local businesses. The road will appease most local people but some will inevitably feel they have suffered as a consequence of the traffic being diverted. It has taken many years of planning and a number of public consultations to decide its fate.1.2 Nature of problemIn the late 1970's, the Department of Transport proposed (DTP) a motorway (perhaps theM65) between Lancashire and Yorkshire. The first section of this was to relieve the A650 in the Aire Valley north of Bradford. It was a landmark moment for anti road lobbyists, because to the surprise of the DTP, it was thrown out in the public enquiry and the plan had to be scrapped.Skip forward twenty years, and residents of Bingley have now tired of the A650 choking up their town centre the road is now constructed, in a toned down dual carriageway form.Most bypasses for towns take a new road around the perimeter of the town. However, Bingley is in a steep valley, so the only place for the road is right through the centre, in a narrow corridor of land between the railway and canal. Figure 1.3 depicts the road under construction and shows the proximity of the road to the railway and the canal on the far left of the picture.Figure 1.3 Bingley Relief Road (BRR) under...

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