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Transport Services In Kanpur Essay

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A major industrial centre of North India, Kanpur is witness to hectic business activities throughout the year. This has led to spread of robust transport services network throughout the city. These transport service providers cater to needs of business providers within the city of Kanpur and throughout the country.
Indraprasth Cargo and Freight Private Limited
Located in Kaka Deo in Kanpur, Indraprasth Cargo and Freight Private Limited is a company which primarily deals with coal handling and export-import of textiles. Lately the company has ventured into providing freight services and operates throughout the week. The services of company can be utilized for transportation purposes within Uttar Pradesh as for rest of the country.
Kamla Road Lines
Another popular transport service provider in Kanpur, Kamla Road Lines has been in business since long. This road lines service is located on Railway Road in ...view middle of the document...

Mahoba Roadlines Transport Company
The transport service provider operates from Naubasta Bye Pass Road in Transport Nagar area of Kanpur. The transport company operates throughout the week and provides cargo and freight services throughout the country.

Kamil Freight Carrier
The freight carrier service is located at Railway Road, Ghanta Ghar region in Kanpur and provides freight services throughout the country. The company operates throughout the week and the services can be utilized for transportation purposes both for business and personal goods.
Fatahpur Export Transport Company
Located at Naubasta Road, Transport Nagar, Kanpur Fatahpur Export Transport Company provides its services throughout the country. The services are available throughout the week and the company has a fleet of trucks and commercial carriers which operate throughout.
Jhansi Golden Road Lines
Jhansi Golden Road Lines located at Naubasta Road, Transport Nagar, Kanpur. The service operates throughout the country and the services are available throughout the week. The services of the company can be utilized for transportation of cargo material and personal goods in case you are seeking to move from one region of the country to another.
Chaudhary Transport Company
Located on T.P Nagar Road, Transport Nagar, Kanpur, Chaudhary Transport Company is a trusted transport service provider in Kanpur. The services can be used throughout the week and the company provides its services throughout the country.
Jhansi Road Lines
Another reputable road lines service in Kanpur, Jhansi Road Lines operates from Naubasta Bye Pass Road in Transport Nagar in Kanpur. The services can be used throughout the week and the road line provides freight services to various locations in India.
Lovely Road Lines
Operating from Panki Industrial area, Lovely Road Lines provides services to industrial units in Panki Industrial area. The freight services can be used for transporting goods to various locations in the country.
Kanpur has a range of options when it comes to providing transport services. You can shortlist one from the list mentioned above. The services operate in a professional manner and provide quality service.

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