Public Transport And Private Car Essay

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Public Transport and Private Car
Most of cities that people live are sequentially growing, daily routine of many people are also adapted for surrounding in the present. A lot of people have to spend most of their time with travelling though long distances to get from one place to another for connecting their businesses or other purposes by transportation. Most people use public transportation such as BTS and MRT to go each places while many people are using their own cars to travel. Thereby, both transportations have the same destination that is taking and moving people. People can choose vehicles from alter reasons depend on how people are responded to their needs by public transportation and private car that are different in convenience of travelling, expenditure of money and security of travel.
First of the difference between public transportation and private car is convenience in travel. There are many type of transportations that people can choose to travelling such as bus and van. People can save time to go work in morning and to back when they finished working. Even though, people have to go to work in a crowded bus, people can avoid and also less traffic jams from using their own car on the road. If they go to work or somewhere by private car, they will get serious when they get stick in their car for a long time. People do not have to find parking when they go out to work or shopping. Moreover, public transportation saves environment because it helps people decrease air pollution from using private car.
On the contrary, using private car is the same convenience of travelling as public transport. When people are in a hurry, they can suddenly go everywhere that they want. If people go to shopping and have varies of things to take home, they can use the space in private car to keep it easily. In addition, you don’t have to worry about waiting in the bus station and praying that the bus will come on time and that you won’t be late to work or anything that you need transport to get to( MShuchat1). That means people are more comfortable than the public transportation vehicles. Therefore, considering to select
vehicles in each day, people need to consider how types of transportation are better for them.
As the convenience of travelling is significant, expenditure of money is also a major factor in deciding how people can purchase. People have to spend a lot of money for many things in each day such as food, accommodation, clothes, etc. Public transport is needed for people because the price is cheaper than private car. People do not have to pay for car parking or petrol when they need to take a trip. Furthermore, getting on public transport means no congestion charges, car insurance and tax costs, plus eradicates the expense of maintaining your car to a high standard (Fenn1). This ensures that public transportation can reduce the expenses that...

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