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How Transport In The Modern World Has Affected Us As A People And Our Surroundings

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The introduction of steadily developing transport has created an expanding city with economic growth while creating a personal reliance on new technologies and the state. As transport options have been improving for individuals as well as the distributer, cities have adapted and grow side by side. Comparable to the growth of a city’s economy is the evolution of how a civilisation distributes itself with the convenience of increased transportation options. This essay will talk about the introduction of transportation to a people and how new technologies have promoted growth and reliance on the state through public roads and transportation. I will be comparing my experiences of going without the use of public transport systems to the points in this essay, relaying my thoughts on how transport in a modern world has affected both us as a people and our surroundings.
Transport in a historical context is important to look at when confronting the ideas of transportation shaping the modern world. The developments throughout history show each consequence of new technologies on civilisations and individuals. The first formation of societies would rely on migration to provide the basic human needs of food, water and shelter, where as I believe today we are focused on individual personal gain through business and leisure. Places of rich resources would be a home until all source of food had become depleted resulting in an outreach towards new sources of nourishment, however today basic needs are in constant supply due to the introduction of agriculture and importation. I put forward the argument that transport in the context of a city structure is in place to promote growth. The growth of a city appearing in two forms, one being that the city benefits economically and the other that new social foundations are created. The main focus of transport since the beginning of civilisations has been in my view, to benefit the people economically, whether this is through importation, exportation or generation of goods and services. Civilisations begun to develop with the introduction of agriculture into modern life as it changed the way transportation was purposed, moving from transporting material goods to and from harvest towards a focus on exportation due to the newly created presence of excess materials. Agriculture and distribution in my eyes was the starting point of when transportation became a focused on the economy. As a city works like that of an individual and can only survive if it has a constant supply of sustenance, people begun to capitalize on this taking advantage of the systems introduced through agriculture to distribute excess goods to a land that had limited resources and a slowly materialising culture, in order to understand this “… we must take into account the necessary limiting factors, often forgotten, of agriculture and transport; namely that any city… is only possible in proximity to land...

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