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Transportation Difficulties Faced By Ipc Students Living On Campus

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Transportation Difficulties Faced by IPC Students Living on Campus
1. Introduction
This research project will look into the transportation difficulties faced by IPC students living on campus. The purpose of the research is to highlight the main difficulties faced by the students living on campus. The researcher decided to choose this topic because in IPC many students are facing difficulties with this issue, and also because of his experience while living on campus. For that reason, the findings of this research project might be a serious topic to be discussed by the authorities at IPC and the transportation company in Palmerston North.
2. Research Statement
This research project will look ...view middle of the document...

Participants were given information sheets and consent forms to assure that they understand everything. Participants are voluntary and entitled to withdraw from the interview at any time and see the results of research. Their answers during the interview would be kept confidential and they would not be identified at any point during the research. All recordings from the interviews are kept in a secure place and will be destroyed on completion of the research process (see Appendix 2&3).
6. Results Analysis
6.1 Part one: Transportation Difficulties
This section had three questions which asked the participants what are the transporatation difficulties faced by them. Participant A laughed after I asked her how she went to town and came back on time. Additionally, she stated that the bus schedule changed during summer due to the holidays at Massey University. A stated that sometimes she waited for her friend to pick her up, and always she tried many things before calling a taxi because its expensive. On the other hand, participant B prefers to use his bike, because as he said that the bus service is useless! He always manages to use his bike if he wants to be on time, and he uses the bus just for a long tour around the city so he showed me an irony of the buses slow, and late service. Participants B and C both stated the same as A about summer problems with buses because it is related to Massey University holidays, and this shows a serious common issue. Turning to C she explained her ability always to manage going and coming on time because she does not like to miss the lunch or dinner in dining hall, which makes her do a plan before, because she will lose a lot of time in transportation and she is aware of that now. Moreover, this kind of planning was similar with the three participants because all of them live on campus, and the main way of transportation is bus, which is causing this issue. These results show that most of the difficulties, and causes are similar. Also, everyone invented or has his own way in solving this problem in order to be on time.

6.2 Part Two: Part Time Job Problems
This section had three questions to get to know more about the problem they had in the part time job. Participants A and B pointed out some important points regarding their experiences, such as arriving to job on time, coming back from night shifts, and inability to work full time in summer. All the answers and the discussion were related to bus schedule problems. Both...

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