Environmental Impact Of The Aviation Industries

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An important movement has begun within the supply chain industries, due to anticipated new standard and regulations for carbon emissions. This creates both opportunities, and risks within the transportation and logistics industries. Instabilities within the supply and demand are focused determined by new and stricter regulations of carbon emissions, higher fuel prices, and client and consumer demand. These sectors often can influence the de-carbonization, in operations and through wider supply chain, process improvements. This can reduce costs, help to manage additional risks and promote new business growth.

If we focus on Aviation transportation, we can see the environmental impact and the activities that create greenhouse gas emissions, and we can then estimate their total mega-tonnes. Aviation, service providers increase our GHG emissions substantially, and play a major economic role, which contributes major sources of income throughout a global economy. If we want to measure their GHG effect, we have to then apply the needed data, create a plan, which reduces unneeded environmental impact.
“The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) is a global not-for-profit trade association representing all the major segments of the air cargo and air logistics industry – combination and all-cargo airlines, forwarders, airports, ground handlers, road carriers, customs brokers, logistics companies, shippers, IT companies, aircraft and equipment manufacturers, trade press, and educational institutions.” (www.tiaca.org/tiaca/default.asp)
Much has changed in Aviation, in terms the environmental impact and the views on greenhouse gas emissions. They have implemented many greenhouse gas emissions standards since 1974. With improvements in technology they have reduced fuel consumption by almost 70% and thus reduce CO2 emissions from these aircrafts for fuel consumed, compared to some of the initial commercial jets. The International Aviation Organization (ATAG) represents both government and industry leaders to address the impact of aviation on the environment. This collaborative effort has help shape new industry standards for greenhouse gas emissions. CO2 emissions we know are an important global environmental issue. Therefore, if we look at all human activity, we can say that the average household generates an annual greenhouse gas emission, of about 41,000 mega-tonnes, or CO2e. We can then say that 2,800 Mega-tonnes or 5.5% of the total are, contributed by the logistics and the transportation sector. (www.tiaca.org/tiaca/default.asp)
If we want to calculate the carbon emission of 3 metric tons (or 6612 US pounds) of cargo over 3,000 ton-miles, using the air transport method.
We need to multiply 3 metric tons (1.7739) ton-mile) or 6612(1.7730) = 11723.076 ton-mile.

Reducing these Emissions
Aviation’s “International Coordinating Council (ICCA)” of Aerospace Industries Associations plans to adopt three targets the one will improve fuel...

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