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Transportation In Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Psychology Research Paper Connotating The Future Of Transport

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If we compare a country to the human anatomy, it is no doubt that the transport system is the bloodstream that enables all things to flow within the system. Problems within the transport system would resemble blocked veins and choked vessels: it hinders the workings of the entire body at large and results in complications in many, if not all other areas. A lack of land space and a rapidly ageing population are amongst some of the existing issues that are of concern to the current transport framework; they are prevailing issues that come inherently and inevitably with the Singapore that we know and transport is a critical area that has to adapt to these conditions in order to ensure continued prosperity for our country. Moreover, our vision of an automated transport system for the future is as of yet, a foreign idea to Singaporeans. How can we model an integrated transport system that would bring all stakeholders together and resolve such issues so as to bring Singapore into the future? This paper endeavours to provide insights into the perfect solution.
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The Route Now and Ahead: Integration 1.0
By Ryan Wong and Bernice Seow

A Rough Route Map
The success of an economy very often runs binary with the effectiveness of its transport system. It is like the tires of a motorcycle: both must work in tandem simultaneously in order for the country to progress and keep pace with other countries on the highway that is known as the dynamic world economy. With an ever growing demography and diversifying economy, the Singapore transport system has undergone dynamic changes in the decades after independence. Needs of commuters continually change and very often the transport model has to evolve rapidly in order to meet the mobility patterns of the people. It is essential to consider the stakeholders and their goals in our attempt to improve mobility for all.

On the governmental front, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) aims “to strengthen Singapore’s transportation connectivity and develop the transport sector’s potential to advance our economic competitiveness and the quality of life in Singapore” and they are aided in the process by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) (Ministry of Transport, 2016). Commuters are concerned about the ease of transportation; whether they can get to places that they want to go in comfort and speed (The Straits Times, 2016). A segment of the population that we should pay increasing attention to is the elderly. It is a necessity to tailor our transportation solutions to a looming ageing population with its specific mobility needs. Additionally, employers like SBS Transit and SMRT are profit-driven but at the same time accountable for providing quality service to an entire nation. It is essential to reconcile their need with their duty. On the other side of the coin, employees - the cab drivers and bus captains - are concerned about their working conditions and livelihood. The National Transport Workers’...

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