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In the stories “I Only Came to Use the Phone,” and Lord of the Flies, the authors illustrate many different circumstances of being trapped or imprisoned. Maria’s character in “I Only Came to Use the Phone,” becomes a victim in her surroundings. In a similar way, all of the boys’ characters in Lord of the Flies are up against the impact of their environment. The way the characters feel and behave is eventually changed. The characters in both writings are ultimately shown to turn into products of their surroundings.
In both works cited, there is a constant feeling of gloom while being imprisoned. The characters make observations about their surroundings early on. In, “I Only Came to Use the Phone,” Maria sees that the bus pulls up to an “enormous gloomy building that seemed to be an old convent in a forest of colossal tree.” (92) This shows that wherever they were going they were trapped seemingly. This goes along with “Lord of the Flies” when Ralph is looking around and finding many things that are on islands when “behind this was the darkness of the forest proper and the open space” (10) Showing that on this island there was darkness and gloom to come behind all of the easy sights of the island, that would make them feel trapped and feeling confused as to where they were and why. These observations are evidence of what is to develop as the stories continue.
Other evidence that both stories’ authors use the settings/environment to show imprisonment, or in this case, the idea of being trapped is in the portrayal of so much isolation and a lack of civilization. As Jack in “Lord of the Flies,” was walking around when he realized “There was only the faintest indication of a trail here.” (48) This is showing that he was feeling a sense of desertion or the feeling of being trapped. There wasn’t any sign of humanization. The boys are shaped by their surroundings and their situation. Everything the boys do and think is a result of the restrictions of the island, and the fact that they are trapped there. In the other story, Maria is eventually locked up in a cell, basically being forced into isolation. Also Maria described the hospital as “that dark palace with the thick stone walls and frozen stairwells.” (75) Any of these could be presented as her entrapment, or...

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