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Trash Or Treasure? The Evaluation Of A Website. (Whitehouseforsale.Com)

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Trash or Treasure?The evaluation of a website.Because of my recent interest in the money spent on presidential campaigns, I chose to write my paper on a Web site related to that topic. After looking at a several Web sites I decided upon, In the research for my exploratory paper, I found this exceptional well-crafted Web site to be of great assistance, and I believe that it would be an excellent resource for anyone needing information on presidential campaign spending.With Bush spending almost two hundred million dollars in the primaries, with no Party opponents, there has been some major concern regarding the great amounts of money spent on presidential campaigns. Because of that concern, public interest group, Public Citizen, has created the Web site, Not only to inform the average American about the problems with allowing people or organizations that will benefit from presidential decisions to finance a presidential campaigns, and to gain public support for public campaign financing, but also to persuade viewers to stand against the problems involved with presidential campaigns. While this site focus mainly Bush's campaign, it covers Dean and Kerry's campaigns also. This site only focuses on these candidates, because they are the only ones that have opted out of the public financing program. And since this site is working to encourage public financing, these candidates are essentially their enemy.The home page contains important links and the latest news that is relevant to the website. On the home page, one of the first things you initial see is the cartoon picture at the top of the page. The picture is of the White House with a large sign with the words White House For Sale in big, bright, red letters, making it look as if the there was a, "For Sale" sign on the White House front yard. Even the American flag atop the White House roof has been changed to a dollar bill in order to get the point across that money controls the White House. Along the left side of the home page there are a number of links that are entered by clicking on cartoon pictures that are related to the link. The pictures, although simple, are quite shocking. The ones for information about Bush, Dean, and Kerry's fundraising are pictures of an arm holding a cup full of money marked Bush, Dean, and Kerry, depending on the person you are clicking on. At first this doesn't seem like much, but if you really look at them the arm holding the cup is thrusting out in a greedy fashion. Almost as if Bush himself, was holding that cup and begging or pestering you for your money. This symbolism is continued with the remaining links as well. The link that contains information on the people that raised or have given large amounts money for Bush has a picture of a large "piggish" looking man, wearing dark sunglass and a cowboy hat. It's not hard to see what this site is against.While...

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