Trauma Informed Services Understanding The Layers Of Trauma

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A behavior is an attempt to meet a need and therefore has value. (Amy Hagan, 2014)

The above statement says it best. Ms. Hagan’s fantastic presentation began with a short
video ‘clip’ to apply to the exercise “Client Video Assessment”. The video was Seabiscuit. In
the “Client” Assessment of Seabiscuit, we identified his (the client) characteristics, personality
and traits, before, his trauma(s). Then we identified his trauma exposures, “what happened to
Seabiscuit,” and his poly victimization, complex or continuing and ongoing vicarious
traumatization, throughout a long period versus a single event.
Then there was considerable and much needed time spent on” understanding trauma” and ...view middle of the document...

I am familiar with the trauma informed services model, and excited about even more
research establishing the medically based in neuro - science of trauma. There is rapid movement
in this new area of research. The presenter’s knowledge base, the continuing training of
informed services of other human service professionals, is remarkable in the positive
steps toward approaches with trauma. I think it is brilliant to use the “Seabiscuit” clip in the
video assessment for the ‘client’. It is powerful and gets across how multifaceted trauma is. Not
just for the one traumatized, but the immediate family as well as the communities and their
subsequent experience. Like a ripple effect. By knowing this information we can and will be
doing so much more – and in different approaches in helping to heal instead of what we seem
more often than not, to punish further the traumatized by only looking at behavior and not by
cause. Ms. Hagan is a wonderfully energetic presenter who really is on top of this and is
implementing it through training and direct services.
I feel like the universe is really coming into synch for the betterment of humanity. In

recent activism nationally, we have been running with the Trauma Informed Services with

emphasis on domestic violence, child custody and abuse. In 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice

released a study by Daniel Saunders using ACE and Trauma Informed Services in his study.

The study, Recognizing True Allegations of Abuse, domestic violence, child custody and court

abuse, highlights the disastrous impact on children’s exposure to domestic violence and child

abuse. This should require all psychologists, judges, custody evaluators and other professionals

within the court system err on the side of safety and make sure they can recognize true

allegations of abuse. The ACE research confirms the importance of this information.

Barry Goldstein, J.D, Joan Meier, J.D., and other leading national scholars in the domestic


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