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Traumatic Incidents And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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In the American Psychological Association manual (2014) trauma is a negative response after an upsetting or scary event. It is a haunting feeling when reoccurring flashbacks or thoughts reminds a person of the terrible incident. The events could be witnessing a person being killed, raped or harm, car accidents or any natural disaster (Perry, 2000). It is also shown that the child or adolescent was the victim of a harmful event. Bruce Perry (2000) stated that more than five million children were open to traumatic events and thirty percent would have some type of brain development problems. Research has shown that the brain is extremely affected by fear or any types of trauma. With these ...view middle of the document...

Researchers used medical records of those that were treated in a health center. Using different checklist and scales, Hunt et al. (2011) wanted see whether gender, age, parental issues or other trauma factors could be the reason for PTSD. In the results show that some children have been exposed to at least two traumatic event. However females were the one to experience more severe events. Also Violence in the community or abuse to the child was a reason for some of the PTSD signs. This study suggested that it is very common for violence in the community and in the household to affect the life of a child if he or she has witnessed or was a victim to the events.
But also parental issues have effected how the household was run. Researchers have found that parent’s victimization has some type of effect on the child because of the stress levels in the household. Whether or not the child witnessed the event he or she still experienced some type of anxiety or and normal health problems like sleeping. Dulmus and Wodarski (2000) wanted to examine symptoms of children with victimized parents. Using African American children and parents that have different issues that the child did not witness to. Researcher was going to use forms for both the child and the parents. In the results, for parents talking about their child, it was shown that the child with victimized parents have more symptoms than children that didn’t. With the children, from the ages six to eight, the parents that were victimized were more harmful symptoms than those that were not victimized. Throughout this study, in particular, it was a positive correlation that the parents being victimized had an impact on the child having depressing symptoms of PTSD, whether or not the child witnessed or was a victim. Overall, it suggested that what parents go through can be damaging to the child as well.
Not only does witnessing traumatic events but allowing peer victimization occur can be a negative effect on life. Victimization has been considered as receiving negative peer interaction on a daily basis and the interaction could be involving, physical or verbal attacks or threats to someone for those that are classified as bullies (Stroch &Esposito, 2003). With the peer victimization, it also causes PTSD and other developmental problems. Eric Stroch and Layla Esposito conducted a study that was going to show that peer victimization was connected to PTSD when involving elementary school children. They used students from fifth and sixth, mostly Hispanic and African Americans, from the ages 10 to 13 years. Also most of the students come from low income households and lived in communities that are exposed to crime (Storch & Esposito, 2003). After calculating the results, they found that gender had nothing to do with PTSD and victimization. Males and females both experience the same amount of symptoms. Also victimization was...

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