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Travel Essay

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Narrative Essay of a trip to NEW YORK Essay by xmiss905, College, Undergraduate, A, November 2003
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It was March 13, 2003 and I could hardly sleep the night before with anticipation, I hadn't gone on a trip in two years and I was a little nervous. It would be the 1st time I would fly since September 11, 2001 and the whole thing made me uneasy. I double- checked what I packed, shook off the nervousness and began to get ready for bed. Falling asleep was the furthest thing from my mind but slowly as I thought of things to do I drifted into a deep sleep.
The very next morning I went to work and because my morning was packed with massages time passed with ease. I drove home from work bursting with anticipation so that I could shower and pack what was left. When I got home I put on my Sean Paul CD and took a shower. I knew I had to dress warm because it would be cool out there.
Our flight left at 6:00pm and it was only 2:00.
I told myself " Anais you need to slow down and take your time", but I just couldn't, to think of the possibilities of this trip and all the new experiences excited me. I continued to get dressed and blow-dry my hair. Time was not on my side today. It was taking forever. Finally Shady and Junior got to my house to pick me up and take Shady and me to the airport. It was only 4 o'clock and I knew at that time that the wait would be a long one. After a couple of near death experiences we make it to Ft. Lauderdale airport and Jr. helps us unload our luggage. At that moment I felt sad over leaving my friends; I wished they were going to but I knew it...
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