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Travel Abroad Essay

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In an effort to bring about peace, diplomacy, nuclear disarmament, and civility, it behooves me and others amongst society epitomizing agape behavior patterns to fabricate a better world by attaining a vast amount of diverse cultural knowledge. People tend to respect cultural differences from their own once they gain understanding regarding varying others; this leans towards fabricating a harmonious planet. A chance to travel aboard will afford me an opportunity of expounding my personal knowledge about other counties’ cultures. A trip such as the one offered via Edgecombe Community College Travel Abroad Scholarship (ECCTAS) is certainly an enriching, lifetime opportunity. The stage of ...view middle of the document...

Also, the workforce in America is becoming ever more diverse, and employers seek employees with extensive bilingual skills and possess an array of knowledge about cultural norms that strengthens an organizations’ customer service etiquette. For instance, these individuals know certain gestures as well as phrases are acceptable in this country, but they are objectionable in others. In addition, a résumé expressing abroad traveling reflects a worldly person who doesn’t mind broadening organizational appeal; it indicates a student who’s energized about school participation as well as pride.
Next, personal choices with respect to country/countries shall have a profound affect when it comes to examining one's traveling experience. The more areas visited during a travel escapade leans towards strengthening cultural comprehension as well as appreciation for traveled region. It affords the traveler an opportunity to compare textbooks' points-of-view with a personal perspective. Also, traveling to several different countries affords one opportunities of tasting different cuisines, viewing assorted vegetation, different dress attire, architectural history, and native animals affiliated with respected regions. One might familiarize themselves with the...

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