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Travel And Disability Essay

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In 1985, Durgin, Lindsay and Hamilton, estimated that 13% of ail travelers had some form of disability and this figure was predicted to rise, particularly with the aging of the baby boomers, advances made in medical science that had become more adept at saving lives and with greater access to travel by a range of people.
However, people with disabilities have a significantly different tourism experience than their fellow Australians (Darcy 1998).
This paper explores these issues and presents directions for greater inclusion of people with disabilities with- in tourism experiences.
The following three observations from a recent study highlight the range of experiences people with physical ...view middle of the document...

attendant costs, equipment hire, lack of budget accommodation, low employment rates etc.), other major constraints to travel faced by people with physical disabilities include access to physical infrastructure needs; accessible accommodation; access at the destination and to the attractions; and the lack of accurate information.
While recognizing that all access issues cannot be remedied overnight, the provision of accurate access information by the tourism industry can be addressed immediately (Darcy 1998).
Disabled access information in them or something separate for disabled people would be good." It is largely due to these barriers that people with physical disabilities were not satisfied with their current level of travel (Darcy, 1998).
As discussed earlier, some superficial aspects of access are being addressed under Commonwealth and state legislation, however, the more complex equity issues relating to social exclusion, such as the extra requirements and costs of travel for people with disabilities, are not.
The government and tourism industry, as the key...

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