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Travel Brochure On Africa Great Info On Many Things, With Beautiful Pictures

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THE MOUNTAINSThough it is mostly plateaus, there are probably only two notable mountains in Africa south of the Sahara. Both Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro are located in the Eastern Highlands. Kilimanjaro, boasting a huge 19,340 feet, is Africa's highest mountain. Mount Kenya is not far behind, at 17,057 feet.This is one of our most popular attractions. You will be biking the mountain trails of Mount Kenya the first day, then trekking to the top. You arrive at your destination camp near the airbase to be airlifted, and parachute to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. You will then descend by a network of pulleys. This is all, of course, done at your own risk.THE RIVERSFour great rivers found in Africa are the Nile, the Congo, the Niger, and the Zambezi. The Congo River system is the largest south of the Sahara. Meandering for almost 2,700 miles, the Congo crosses the equator twice over. This river would be a great source of hydroelectricity, for every second, nearly 10 million gallons of water flow through it.You will raft some smooth rapids of the Congo River, followed by a boating trip through the inactive parts of the river, observing the wonderful scenery. To quench one's self from the heat and relax, you may swim near a silent bank of the river. The end of the river is the calmest, so you might choose to tube, kayak, or canoe the remaining 1,500 feet from our start, if you dare.WILDLIFEThe Serengeti Plains and Nairobi National Park are two of Africa's large game preserves created by the government to help protect wildlife. Animals in the game preserve are endangered due to humans taking over their natural habitats, or hunters poaching for sport. These game preserves also provide money to Africa through ecotourism, or tourism based on the environment.When arriving at the Serengeti Plains, you will be welcomed by Zebras to your left, and Elephants to your right. The elephant grass in the preserve reaches heights of more than fifteen feet. That's right, even our grasses are rare and exciting. You will get into a large jeep for your tour, and will be provided with a first-class picnic while you rest in the open plains. We must warn you: your open-safari picnic takes place near the resort of the lions.... before feeding time.MININGMining is an important economic activity in this region. South Africa is a world leader in the production of gem diamonds and platinum. The Democratic Republic of the Congo contains some of the largest diamond deposits on the earth. The Great Rift Valley in Africa holds, possibly, more than half of the world's gold.In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, you will be able to pan for gold in the Great Rift Valley. Don't get too carried away, I hear the spirits of the African's are those who find the shrunken heads both beautiful and appetizing. You may also tour the diamond mines and learn about the many useful resources of Africa. It is also arranged to tour one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Africa.GREAT...

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